By Japaroni - 15/09/2011 07:42 - United States

Today, I went out on my back patio at night to skinny dip. I live on the intracoastal, and as I was walking towards my pool, the police were doing a random search. From a boat with a spotlight. At least their whistles told me they liked the birthday suit I had on. FML
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Sounds like the start of a **** movie. Cop: 'Scuse me, but we're looking for a dangerous criminal. OP: Sorry officer, I haven't seen anything. Cop: Ma'am, I'd like to frisk you. OP: Oh yes, search and seize me!!


Meh, who really cares? If it's that big of a deal, report bad police behaviour.

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I know I did!! My stache got wood off that mental image

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So you're hot? Why is this an FML? lol

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Hey I'd rather get whistled at than get arrested for public indecency or something like that.

So, if you own the land other people passing by can't see your nudity? Pretty sure it doesn't matter where you are...public nudity is still public nudity

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her land backs onto water, ergo unless one boats past it's private. also, nudist colonies put up bushes and walls to stop people heckling. legally one can be nude on private land, even if it's visible from a public location. nude beaches anyone? there is a public beach here if you walk too far on the shore line you end up on the nude beach.

61- Well, yeah. But in some places in the US, its considered public nudity if anyone can see you whether or not you're on private property. This guy got arrested because he was walking around naked in his house, but he didn't have curtains on the windows so his neighbors could see him.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't indecency 56.

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From the app I can't tell if OP is a man or a woman, can someone please tell me?

Haha well atleast they weren't insulting you..

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11: No I can't. No one can. Only God knows... (But I'm assuming OP is a man...I just had the feeling)

11. I don't think gender is relevant. Unless you are using FML to stock up your wank-bank

I assume that OP is a woman. I don't think that it was a bunch of woman cops doing the Randi search for bad guys, and my guess is they weren't a bunch of gay cops either. Of course the above two are possible, but there is a way greater chance that it was a bunch of male cops, and a female skinny dipper. Or I guess it could be lesbian cops.

Gender may not be completely relevant, but some people are curious to know. So **** you. Also, a woman would probably be more emberassed about this. In fact, most men wouldn't be complaining if the women whistled because they liked what they saw, so this wouldn't be here. So another reason it is probably a woman.

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40: you're being TOO optimist :D I guess OP is male. And the cops were also male. It would be funnier this way. And they are not necessarily gay. They could just be making fun of him...

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Haha, if Op is a woman they could of been whistling at her because >> (sexy) or if Op is a man they could of been whistling because , (funny).

I agree! My wife has a bikini body and swims in our pool in the buff all the time. I love it. Did I mention that I really like it?

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Number 62, excuse my misunderstanding.. But your name has the term "bad actor" in it, and your picture is of Heath Ledger/ The Joker.. Am I missing something here?

Seth who? Macfarlane? Green? Rogan? OUT WITH IT.

Wow stupid me! Ha! I agree with the other guy

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you should be at least be happy they are complimenting you, but if you didn't really like that then just hope he chokes on his whistle

I could be wrong, but I would assume they were whistling with their lips, not a whistle.

What, no pics? :) That does suck though. Just when you thought you were alone...

Well clearly there are no pics, I have yet to see an FML with pics.

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Then you haven't clicked on the illustrated FMLs.

I have but people create and submit those and those aren't the actual pictures and... ah **** it.

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You da secsey(in Viet accent) But seriously lucky cops

Lucky? You haven't even seen OP and you wish to see her in a bathing suit? Are you by any chance 12 years old?

OP was naked, are you 12 or does someone have to explain to you what a birthday suit is?

I think you missed EVERYTHING here. SLAP!!!!

mychonny, eh? save the inside jokes kid.

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What's the problem? They liked it.

I'm gonna go with just about one fourth of the comments on this page and say: "Sue them."

You can't due them for doing their job you would need a good lawyer to do it but I understand what your saying 15

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