By SwimSquid - 15/04/2009 18:38 - United States

Today, my mom and I went to Winn-Dixie. I told her I was going to a different isle 5 minutes later I hear my name on the intercom to go to the front of the store. As I go I see my mom crying, she comes and hugs me and tells me she thought I was lost. Im 22, I had my cell phone, and I drove there. FML
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lmfao. awwwee. your mom must REALLY love you. ;)

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totally awww...u never know she might have had a similar experience with u while u were a child which u r unaware of so that may have brought back those memories...thus her forgetting u had ur cellphone on u and frankly that u're an adult

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wow wtf im totally calling BS on that. There is no ******* way. Unless ur mum has ahlzhymers or an OCD with knowing where u r every second, make up a better fmylife.

I hate to say this but it sounds as if this is exaggerated or just plain false. Plus you would think a person at age 22 can spell "aisle"

You might want to get her to the doctor. That doesnt sound like a normal healthy response. That's a lot like what happened with my grandmother when she started to go downhill due to Alzheimers. However, I may just be reading too much into it.

A little late to repond, but this was my knee-jerk reaction too. That behavior is worrying, I hope the symptoms were checked on back when this happened.

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your mom might have Alzheimers. This might be serious lol.

I think this is one of the many incidents we need a "Parents" section for. :P