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By mistake - 11/05/2009 09:09 - United States

Today, I realized what my mom has been calling me for 20 years. She always calls me her "little fehler." With her being from Germany, I always thought it was a cute little nickname. Apparently, she's been calling me her "little mistake." FML
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Wow, that must suck. Did you ask her about it yet?


Wow, that must suck. Did you ask her about it yet?

well look on the bright side at least she wasnt calling you little fuhrer haha

And you bothered to figure out what it meant before now because........?

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well maybe she was saying feller because you could have Spelt it wrong.

lmfao. my mom calls me skatoula. it means little piece of shit:) she says it lovingly though. ask your mom about it.

The word sounds kind of like "failure" when I say it.

Oooh sucks for you. then what happened?

I love your mother. If she said it affectionately, it doesn't really matter what she said. I have some crazy nicknames for friends I love, that would sound horrible if they didn't know. You were a mistake kid. She didn't abort you or put you up for adoption though, did she? Nope. Be happy, she loves you. It IS a cute nickname.

Accident and mistake are two different things. Calling someone a mistake just makes it sound like they shouldn't have existed, not that they weren't planned.

Correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't fehler pronounced like failer?

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no, "fehler" is right - it's German. But the meaning of failure is actually very similar to this word ;D

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damn... but still if she raised you and everything she still loves you

Well, at least she said it in a cute way. Some moms would have have just said it straight out, "You are a mistake." I know it sucks either way, but the way she did it was nicER.

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i'm with 6. apparently she loves you anyway. seems like the majority of kids these days aren't planned. most of them, their parents adore them anyway. i don't think it's anything to get upset over.

At liste you were a LITTLE mistake...