By derped-out sperm - 01/04/2014 21:41 - Ireland

Today, I had to rush my 14-year-old son to the hospital after he fell out of a tree while trying to take an obnoxious "extreme selfie". FML
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ileenefudge 29

His son is 14 not 12. Dd you even read the FML?

euphoricness 28

Simple. Kid was in mid-air when it went off.

I think the selfie song influenced him real bad

incoherentrmblr 21

Pilot uses extension arm to take selfie while operating an airplane at 30,000 FT... Your selfie is invalid...

It's hard not to cringe at this. I understand if its a selfie of you smiling or something, but really? Duckface and obnoxious selfies are plain idiotic. I just wonder what the future generation is like...

euphoricness 28
lexiieeex3 32

This comment is so unfortunate.

Your mom? Seriously? That's what comes from a 14 year old

Kdbe 5

A fourteen year old who just fell out of a tree taking a selfie.

He just wanted to win the gold medal in the Selfie Olympics.

61- you're right because I laughed so hard. Now I'm sad.

61, he's actually 13. So I guess that comment was expected!

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OP must've been reckless as a child too, because the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

CurlyQute 17

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Captain obvious award might be yours this year

lil_miss_simran 15

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I wonder if Jason liked that one, too...

I hope OP was able to get a vine out of the situation... That would have been hilarious!

MissStephanie 10

He totally bought all his FML followers

I bet he was in "extreme pain" afterwards.

If he had succeeded it would have been awesome . Time for Tosh.O to do the redemption selfie! Lol

I'm gonna say something funny BUT FIRST LEMME TAKE A SELFIE

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It's really not just "these" days. Sure, the times may have changed, but I am more than positive that young boys all through history have gotten themselves hurt doing stupid things to try and seem cool... I really don't know why it bothers me when people complain about this or that generation. Kids have always, and will always, do stupid shit. Dumbfucks frequent history.

Octwo 16

Doing stupid crap as a kid has nothing to do with what generation you're part of. It has everything to do with being young and stupid, something everyone goes through.

carterjanelle 9

Did you're grandad ever fall out of a tree to take a "selfie"? Or has your grandma ever got pulled over for texting and driving? Oh. Advancements in technology of THIS GENERATION leads to DUMBER & STUPIDER kids

i remember one time, many months ago.. i was watching tv and i saw (i think it was for insurance) a commercial. the one where the guy is supposed to be like everything that could go wrong with your car so later i went outside and climbed up a rather large tree and stood on a branch and started yelling "shaky shaky shaky" and as i was halfway through saying the last shaky the branch snapped and landed on my butt.. hard. So everyone does stupid things as kids not just for an extreme selfie

Although the advancement in technology has led to bad habits in today's generation, our parents and grandparents had their share of bad habits back in the day. They smoked and drank underage. While that is still around today, (unfortunately), it is far less common today to see a 14 year old smoking than 50 years ago.

Axel5238 29

No it isn't just these days kids have always have done stupid things. Though it often seems like though the the generation growing up not knowing a time without the internet is worse. Whether that's correct because they are predominately more closed off from experiences that would teach them common sense or it's just more published there is a jump. Though 10 years ago I don't remember reading as many stories about dumb kids. And if I did usually it involved spring break.

TheDrifter 23

I go by the adolescent mortality rate. The number of kids who do something stupid enough they kill themselves by accident. Despite ever more security measures and safety equipment the percentage keeps growing.

Sorry 16 meant to give you a thumbs up but clicked the wrong button :/

Ok first of all 71, the boy would have climbed the tree and quite possibly fallen out of said tree regardless of technology (I mean boys will be boys right?) and second of all... I do not believe you have the right to call this generation stupid when you use the phrase 'leads to dumber and stupider kids'

juan3611 14