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Today, my brother was playing one of those old street fighter games. He suddenly asked me what "K.O." meant. I told him it meant "Knocked Out," but he started getting mad at me because "'knocked' isn't spelled with a 'k'". He's 17. FML
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Well now you know what to get him for Christmas.

It's not even knocked out its knock out


Well now you know what to get him for Christmas.

A padded helmet?

countryb_cth 38

An education?

Hooked on Phonics?

A dictionary?

All seasons of the Reading Rainbow

Racing Games?

gobiteme2 34

An ass whipping, and down for the count.

A speak and spell?

paravoz 30

The missing k?

Special-K :D

What is wrong with the youth of today

Statistics suggest otherwise. We're a generation of people who have a text-based presences the likes of which hasn't existed before. Studies find that heavy IMers and SMSers do better on grammar and spelling tests. This is FML; it represents a minority of idiots who make it into stories. The posters of these stories, on the that hand, tend to be rather eloquent.

*other hand Oh, the irony. It burns.

Oh man, that irony is funny. And I don't think it's SMS'ers who speak properly, but the ones who speak with grammar, as most of them go: "brb gtg ttyl"

Dude your 22, you're a youth

to be fair nocked is a word.

While it is in fact a word it has to do with archery and nothing to do with the weird knocked. I also highly doubt the brother was thinking of nocked the archery term.

It's not even knocked out its knock out

Actually K.O. Was first the ticker tag for the Coca Cola company. So it should really mean "Coca-Cola."

Ask him if he knows how to spell "escape" That one always gets the stupid ones

knot very nowledgeable is he

Your wrong too it knock out not knocked out

yes and its you're not your....

countryb_cth 38

And it's not it

And . not .

Your brother must be mentally retarded.

Your brother is going to have a gnarly time becoming a czar or knight. I hope he comes up with some kind of mnemonic device to help him remember.

May I know what your comment is supposed to mean?