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Today, my brother was playing one of those old street fighter games. He suddenly asked me what "K.O." meant. I told him it meant "Knocked Out," but he started getting mad at me because "'knocked' isn't spelled with a 'k'". He's 17. FML
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Well now you know what to get him for Christmas.


Statistics suggest otherwise. We're a generation of people who have a text-based presences the likes of which hasn't existed before. Studies find that heavy IMers and SMSers do better on grammar and spelling tests. This is FML; it represents a minority of idiots who make it into stories. The posters of these stories, on the that hand, tend to be rather eloquent.

Oh man, that irony is funny. And I don't think it's SMS'ers who speak properly, but the ones who speak with grammar, as most of them go: "brb gtg ttyl"

While it is in fact a word it has to do with archery and nothing to do with the weird knocked. I also highly doubt the brother was thinking of nocked the archery term.

Actually K.O. Was first the ticker tag for the Coca Cola company. So it should really mean "Coca-Cola."

Ask him if he knows how to spell "escape" That one always gets the stupid ones

Your brother must be mentally retarded.

Your brother is going to have a gnarly time becoming a czar or knight. I hope he comes up with some kind of mnemonic device to help him remember.

May I know what your comment is supposed to mean?