By oh no - 22/06/2015 20:58 - United States - Vallejo

Today, I went to my girlfriend's parents' house for lunch. I ended up in the bathroom constipated and remembered reading it's easier to "go" if you are squatting. My girlfriend's dad walked in on me perched on the toilet like an owl. FML
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Lock the door if you're doing weird shit (literally)

That's the kind of story that you can mention to your grandkids 60 years later over eggnog


I'm from the middle east (Lebanon) and I don't do this. Your comment is invalid, humiliating and hurtful.

I have had a holiday in the Middle East and have used a "squat hole". Have also see the signage in a western bathroom with a picture with a guy squatting on the toilet with a big Red Cross through it. Individual experiences may vary in that part of the world.

That's the kind of story that you can mention to your grandkids 60 years later over eggnog

I've been to a lot of places where you can't lock the bathroom door (no key for example as the people living there are paranoid they or their children might get locked inside), so I don't think OP deserves it.

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Not all bathroom doors have locks, at my boyfriends house the rule is if the door is closed, knock first. Or if they do have locks but are broken (like mine) you also just knock first instead of barging in.

They may not have locks but they could always put something in the way of the door like in my house I have a lock in my bathroom but people could easily unlock it with a fingernail so I I use the drawer by the door as a way to prevent the door from opening all the way

IAmzephyr 22

that would've been awkward either way. FYL

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Couldn't have they knocked first?

It's there house, lock the door to shit? duh

Lock the door if you're doing weird shit (literally)

Maybe they don't have a lock on their door.

No bathroom lock? Then don't try out a new bathroom maneuver.

juststephhere 23

Locking the door is the first step in preventing this from happening again. If there's no lock, maybe sing really loud so they'll realize you're in there!

Sing or hoot. Whichever comes most naturally to op

In his situation, I honestly think singing while you take a dump is not that much less weird than what he did... the only difference is now everyone can hear him instead of just the dad seeing him.

shower perched poop! Love it! WHEEEEE!

who sings while they pee or poop?!?!?! I feel like that would be almost as embarrassing

If the door didn't have a lock then fyl, but if it did ydi