By freakfreak12345 - 19/07/2011 16:41 - United States

Today, I learned that when you piss on a hornets' nest from a window, the hornets will go after the source of the stream. It can also cause you to fall through your friend's second story window. FML
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Mi24hind 0

YDI for peeing on the hornets. what did they do to you?


nikkilovee1997 0

don't pee on a hornets nest? and don't be a wuss it's just a few stings

Let's pee on a hornets nest, they obviously can't get me up here even though they can fly!

What were you even thin-- Oh wait, you're a freakfreak...that explains it all.

look on the bright side, you made us all laugh

Mi24hind 0

YDI for peeing on the hornets. what did they do to you?

Agreed. Don't **** with mother nature; It'll get pissed off.

Close the window next time, might help.

Agreed. Don't piss on mother nature. Shes a bitch.

What were you even thin-- Oh wait, you're a freakfreak...that explains it all.

Well since everyone knows Hornets don't sting they obviously tied OP up to a chair and beat him with bats and brass knuckles. Then sold him into the sex trade and spent the money on crack and kit-Kat bars. What do you think the hornets did?

littlemissFYL 5

why are people assuming OP purposely did this? OP could have just peed out the window and a hornet's nest just so happened to be there. or OP thought it would have been funny to mess with mother nature. either way, OP is a nimrod & screwed.

YDI. Why would you even want to do that? Seriously! I'm sorry that you don't have common sense OP:(

FYLinAmajorWay 1

I guess this is why the "Warning, Do not try this at home" message appears before the start of every Jackass movie. Haha YDI if it was on purpose, FYL if it was an accident.

jamie72596 9

At 42...I guess he didn't look before he leaked

39, I think 2 was asking what the hornets ever did to the OP to deserve getting peed on. Not what the hornets did to him after he peed on them.

don't **** with hornets. their so badass they have there own theme song. black and yellow, black and yellow.

you know what they say, its better to be pissed on than pissed off and get stung by a million bees!

purplepizza21 0

WTF encouraged you to do that shit in the first place ?????

morganrules123 10

Why do guys pee on everything?

trgower13 0

I bet it hurt falling on your dick. haha

Why the F is he peeing out of a second story window?!

Oh. Got it. Some things are hard to convey through text.

85-- To mark our territory *pisses on 85*

asianperry 8

Wait,why would you pee out of a second story window? Or pee out of a window period? Was someone using your toilet,or is something wrong with it? Or,do you not have any common sense?

Asian perry. You sound like an incredibly boring person.

i call bs! how would you fall out the window if your standing there taking a piss? is it a 5 foot tall sliding window or what

he still deserves it for peeing out a window.

tjv3 10

well that's one way to get a plumper penis, saves the money on enzyte

#42 Even if OP didn't know about the nest, who the hell pees out a window?

morganrules123 10

109-It's not polite to piss on people

were did you get an idea to piss on a hornets nest?! durrrp!! corse there gonna come for you :p

I thought it was pretty funny, and if I had one of those things I would do the same too. Lmao.:D

itsgen 16

If you piss on nature it will get pissed off.

To be well away from the hornets I guess - presumably forgetting .... that hornets, as well as stinging like hell, can also ******* fly!

Sorry - that was a reply to 200 but somehow ended up here. Ho Hum.

TheRealHouse 7

*pees on everyone peeing on Morgan* now you are ALL mine!!! muhahaha!!!

#44 although this was stupid.. At least he tried something out of the ordinary. Something he dosent do everyday. Yes he couldve used his judgement. But he didnt and this taught him a lesson so i mean its not always appropriate to just dismiss every xrazy idea the second it tests your limits. We woul

rachilio 26

no shit asshole..... oh and those who are pissing on 85 & 171 need to **** off

Jownz345 3

YDI for being in a building

OP might have been drunk, which would also explain why he fell through the window.

skatrgirl96 4

Let's us all hope so. Sounds like this guy got what was coming to him.

its better to be pissed off than pissed on...

If this was by accident, fyl. but if it was on purposeydi. except why were you peeing from a window in the first place?? actually, ydi.

this is a pure YDI. seriously was the toilet just too far away??

Some boys just do not deserve to have a penis....

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TheRealHouse 7

^ lmao.. I just pictured some chick in a skirt or something hanging out a window croutching over a hornets nest awsome

wat in gods name gave u that idea???? moron

omgcookeys 15

it wouldn't be just "ouch" if he landed on his exposed junk.

Crncj 0

today, I learned that people are actually peeing on hornets nets' and falling through their friends' second story window

ouch. why were you trying this anyway?

He obviously drank a Sobe just before this.

Smokingweenies 3

Seriously! What would compel someone to randomly pee out of a 2 story window?

Maybe OP grew up in the museum of dumbassery.

Better in this case to be scared pissless.

Hornet stings hurt a hell of a lot more than bee stings, or yellow jacket, or red wasp. Baking soda and water will be OP's best friends for a couple of days.

Do not fear my friend for these are hornets not bees. ;)

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that's a very important lesson to learn sir!

Ariasmake_1 0

that's a very important lesson to learn sir!

YDI has never been more fitting, c'mon dude!