By freakfreak12345 - 19/7/2011 16:41 - United States
Today, I learned that when you piss on a hornets' nest from a window, the hornets will go after the source of the stream. It can also cause you to fall through your friend's second story window. FML
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  DeepDownThere  |  3

Well since everyone knows Hornets don't sting they obviously tied OP up to a chair and beat him with bats and brass knuckles. Then sold him into the sex trade and spent the money on crack and kit-Kat bars.

What do you think the hornets did?

  littlemissFYL  |  5

why are people assuming OP purposely did this? OP could have just peed out the window and a hornet's nest just so happened to be there. or OP thought it would have been funny to mess with mother nature. either way, OP is a nimrod & screwed.

  asianperry  |  8

Wait,why would you pee out of a second story window? Or pee out of a window period?
Was someone using your toilet,or is something wrong with it?
Or,do you not have any common sense?

  Ugi  |  26

To be well away from the hornets I guess - presumably forgetting .... that hornets, as well as stinging like hell, can also fucking fly!

  spoyhawk  |  1

#44 although this was stupid.. At least he tried something out of the ordinary. Something he dosent do everyday. Yes he couldve used his judgement. But he didnt and this taught him a lesson so i mean its not always appropriate to just dismiss every xrazy idea the second it tests your limits. We woul