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Today, when I saw a big box that looked like a playstation, I got really excited and my parents were there and everything looked like it really was something big, so I start to open the wrapper and surprise... it was a lamp. FML
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By  khaldun  |  0

I'm pretty sure my PS3 will be more useful to me 8 years from now than a lamp... What with the Blu-Ray and media player bits and all. More importantly, though, I've installed Linux on it and it's now a kick-ass computer. Much more useful than a lamp!

By  hahakare  |  0

#6, please don't be a fanboy. We all love Ps3, but we also all know there will be something much better in 8 years anyways, blu-ray and all that included. The lamp probably won't be replaced, though.

Not a big deal, but it's disappointing. Better luck next year..?

By  khaldun  |  0

While I readily acknowledge that I tend to be a fanboy, my point was that a linux machine running on a cell processor is still more useful 8 years from now than a lamp, regardless of whether there's a PS4 or 5 out or not. Because of that, #4's assertion that a lamp would be more useful was, in my opinion, bullshit. That's all I was trying to say.

By  WeStayCrunk24x7  |  0

Ok #6, i hope u realize you were talking to yourself because u are #6. Also #5 i hope YOU realize that you are the kind of kid that everyone hates because you brag about your stuff and no-one cares about how dope your PS3 is