By BadStuden - 05/10/2009 01:47 - Canada

Today, I did a 3 hour long assignment for school. I was bored so I gave it the title "F***ing Assignment for a F***ing Teacher." I went downstairs only to discover that the printer was out of ink. So I sent it to her email, then I realized that I didn't change the title. FML
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mFormyself 0

Tell her it's a typo?

Haha, I've given projects funny names before but YDI for giving a file on your computer that vile of a name.


Haha, I've given projects funny names before but YDI for giving a file on your computer that vile of a name.

PlasmaWafflez 0

YDI. Enough said.

Pandachewchew12 0

no comment on that -.-

That makes no sense at all #4.

lkhardin 13

RIP Grammar.

awwww, you used asterisks! you're so hardcore and cool!!1! Wook at da big boii wif his widdle astewisks in pwace of fuck! awwww

hum... he didn't... I did!

sublime93 0

Awkward turtle...

iceman05 0

Wow you are gay midnight

haha, fml staff ftw!! :P

Umm.... if he hadn't put asterisks, this wouldn't have been posted.

There has been an FML without asterisks, you know.

awww wook at dis wittle asshole making fun of people who are trying to be not so white trash:)

Boom shacka lacka

mFormyself 0

Tell her it's a typo?

lol nice comment "tell her its a typo?"

Actually "it's" was correct.

The keys are like right next to eachother...

thatSucks7 0

oh boo hoo . . a 3hr assignment is nothing. YTDI

DoomJeff91 2

Pretty sure the FML part of the FML isn't about him having to doing a 3 hour assignment.

Anything you don't want someone to see should never make it into a document... even as a joke. YDI.

IndigoKitty 3

you deserve it. quit bitching about your school work, yes, you have to do it, its a fact of life. some people never get the chance.

he's not bitching about his schoolwork. he's bitching about sending his teacher a document entitled "fucking assignment for a fucking teacher."

MissNat_fml 0

lol i feel sorry for u but also think u deserve it for giving it a name like that

You must be blind for not seeing the title when you attach the file. And most teachers won't accept soft copies when they requested printed copy. It's either one or the other..