Nice try, loverboy

By Anonymous - 06/04/2009 05:07 - United States

Today, I had a really cute waitress at lunch. I decided to leave my number and a $50 bill for a $15 check. When I left the restaurant I realized I still had the $50 but a $1 bill was missing from my wallet. I've been getting threatening text messages all day. FML
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You tried to get to her heart through MONEY? What do you think she is, a prostitute?

Oh because nothing says "Give me a call :D" like $35. Failfailfail


Oh because nothing says "Give me a call :D" like $35. Failfailfail

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Dollar menu:) hahaha jk u should h e paid attention. how do u not notice it's $1 not $50???

Stupid us money is all green. Here in canada our ***** colored, like the heart deep down in every gunowning redneck american slob

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No, the bill was $15, he payed that, but he meant to "leave $50 on the table" you don't leave money on the table to pay for the meal. So following this logic, he tipped her $1 instead of $50. There's no $35 amount involved.

^ you're retarded. He tried to leave $50 to cover everything included the check.

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he accidently put down a one dollar bill in stead of a fifty like he meant to do. fyl indeed

You tried to get to her heart through MONEY? What do you think she is, a prostitute?

Just stop being a pussy and text her back to explain the issue. That really isn't a FML.

"come to my house and ill give you 50 dollars" i cant see that playing out too well...

He could always go back to the restaurant and apologize in person.

haha, nice #3, i liked it. Anyway....i'm not sure what this FML means? You paid a dollar for your meal or you tipped a dollar? I'm confused :S

5-the bill was 15$. he meant to put down 50$. he put the wrong bill on the table and instead put a 1$ bill on the table. so he didnt fully pay for the meal.

I think this is fake bc he would've gotten like arrested for not paying. plus he's a fucktard. really $50? she probably wouldnt have called idiot.

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it means he tipped her 1 dollar

No he paid in total one dollar... Why would someone send threatening texts over a small tip? Try reading the FML next time

How in the hell do you not notice what money you are putting down?

Man up, give her the dam fifty and say you are so sorry and want to make it up to her... ;) #5- he paid a buck for his meal.

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you made it sound like you ate her. you were like "today I HAD a cute waitress for LUNCH"

His bill was $15. He wanted to leave $50 but instead left just a $1 for the whole bill. YDI dude. Always be in command of your money.

this one is definitely a winner. imagining the whole scene and feeling good for leaving 50 bucks and giving the number while paying 1/15th of the total and and.. haha. thanks for making my day.