By Anonymous - 17/02/2012 08:01 - United States

Today, I was in a grocery store with my great-grandmother. It would've been nice to know she hadn't taken her medication before she started beating the cashier with her umbrella. FML
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go grandma. (;

Look at the bright side... The other people probably had a lot of fun.


wow keep that old lady on a tighter leash.

Not really, a change in medication is enough, but now OP has a great story to tell

Your grandmother sounds like a riot!

I bet she didn't get in trouble either, old people get away with a lot (:

I think she was in line behind me, she kept trying to poke me with her umbrella. Crazy old people.

I have seen someone with thier old person on a leash. It was hilarious! Imo old people are great I hope I go absolutely batshit crazy when I get old. I think it would be a great new perspective on life.

Uhh...the fuck kind of meds is she on?!

go grandma. (;

Bitches be trippin'!

Did the cashier forget to give her the senior citizen discount?

Well she needed medication, so she couldn't really help it. Sorry OP

true, but not everyone who doesn't take their medication starts hitting a cashier with their umbrella.

Look at the bright side... The other people probably had a lot of fun.

Except maybe the cashier lol

She on anti psychotics or what?

Cool grandma :D

Haha, I agree. (:

Forewarning.... It's sometimes nice :P

She's just taking advantage of looking old…

Did you at least cheer her on?

Grandma gone wild!