By Anonymous - 17/02/2012 08:01 - United States

Today, I was in a grocery store with my great-grandmother. It would've been nice to know she hadn't taken her medication before she started beating the cashier with her umbrella. FML
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go grandma. (;

Look at the bright side... The other people probably had a lot of fun.


wow keep that old lady on a tighter leash.

Not really, a change in medication is enough, but now OP has a great story to tell

Your grandmother sounds like a riot!

I bet she didn't get in trouble either, old people get away with a lot (:

thiscrazything 1

I think she was in line behind me, she kept trying to poke me with her umbrella. Crazy old people.

I have seen someone with thier old person on a leash. It was hilarious! Imo old people are great I hope I go absolutely batshit crazy when I get old. I think it would be a great new perspective on life.

Uhh...the **** kind of meds is she on?!

go grandma. (;

Bitches be trippin'!

Jakesterk96 8

Did the cashier forget to give her the senior citizen discount?

omgthatsosuppera 4

Well she needed medication, so she couldn't really help it. Sorry OP

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true, but not everyone who doesn't take their medication starts hitting a cashier with their umbrella.

Look at the bright side... The other people probably had a lot of fun.

Except maybe the cashier lol

She on anti psychotics or what?

Cool grandma :D

Haha, I agree. (:

Forewarning.... It's sometimes nice :P

She's just taking advantage of looking old…

Did you at least cheer her on?

Grandma gone wild!