By drivingmecrazy - 13/12/2016 16:54 - United States - Stamford

Today, my mom once again yelled at me for "driving erratically". She texts while driving 70 miles per hour on the highway, but apparently driving through a yellow light is "reckless". FML
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yes ur m is a hypocritical but as you are a new driver, avoid pushing the edge of the envelope until you get a year or two of experience.

Parents sometimes feel like they are way better drivers so they can do stuff like that especially if you are a student driver.


"Look at yourself! A danger to national security! I don't feel safe with you on the streets!" - via text while driving 100 in a 25 zone.

Parents sometimes feel like they are way better drivers so they can do stuff like that especially if you are a student driver.

My mum did a very similar thing, when I was learning to drive she'd constantly be screaming for me to stop at junctions, even though I was approaching them slowly and was behind the line. When she drives, she accelerates towards the junction and then slams on her brakes once she's gone past the line, so she ends up becoming an obstruction. She also manages to mount the pavement whilst turning 90 degrees into a junction.

thats how my mom is also, thats why i can relate.

OP! You are a danger to local residents! Watch the f*ck out and try to drive like a normal person! Seriously! Take a hint from your mom, get out your phone, and merge into the fast lane! (Sarcasm)

She is going to end up killing someone.

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"Until YOU stop texting while driving, please don't talk to me about "driving erratically". Do you see commercials advertising to not go through a yellow light? No. How about ads about not texting while driving? yeah, it's a thing. and people die from it. not just the texter, but innocent people who "got in the way". So not only could die, but you could go to jail not to mention the overwhelming guilt that comes with taking another life... which could be another woman's child or a child's mother... I'm not saying this to be a dick either, mom. I know you are probably nervous when I drive because it's new and you are protective of me and you don't want me hurt or worse. This speech is me being the same way to you. I don't want to lose you.. no matter how much you may annoy me, your my mom and I'll love you unconditionally. So let's both aim to be good exemplary drivers together, eh? I wanna see you get old and wrinkly and chasing 'those dang whippersnappers' of your porch! *insert smile and BIG hug.. moms are suckers for hugs c; *" (seriously though, texting while driving is inexcusable BS.. please talk to your mom about the safety concerns regarding it.. not just for her safety, but the safety of her potential passengers and the cars/pedestrians around her. it really sucks when innocent people are hurt due to others negligent behavior. totally grinds my gears)

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both of you knock it off. Hospitals only admit INJURED. Hospitals never feed you what you really want to eat. Caskets are expensive.

I know the feeling... My girlfriend's grandmother once yelled at me for speeding up a bit to go through a yellow. It was too late for me to start slowing down, slamming my breaks, to her, made more sense though. Snd Yet she was doing 50 in a 35 mph winding road with multiple blind spots and hidden driveways.

I hope she gets her license suspended, morons like that have no business driving.