By jackzz - 09/04/2015 07:55 - Vietnam - Hanoi

Today, at the restaurant I work at, my own mom refused to give a tip and complained to my boss. FML
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middlenamefrank 8

How was your service? Did you assume that you didn't have to serve her like any other customer? Perhaps YDI.

She's acting like you did when she served you food as a child... Different being is that it isn't cute for an adult.


1PersonIsMyWorld 22

if she lives with her mom.. we don't even know if mom and op have a good relationship. ..

incoherentrmblr 21

Or if OP is male/female. I hope she doesn't complain about you not having a job if you get fired b/c of her actions...

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Or better yet, OP can give no "Thank you" or respect at the dinner table when she serves him. She can be immature at his place of work, OP can be immature at her place of work.

#17, except OP's mom doesn't have a boss, so she can snap right back unlike OP here

#17, to say that OP's mother's 'place of work' is at home serving people dinner is ridiculous. You could've just left it at 'when she serves him' and left your sexist undertone out of it while still making your point.

3: Why would that make a difference? A customer complaining (even if they are "some crazy ass bitch") while you're serving them is more likely than not to get you in trouble. 58: No one said it was.

Andrewski12 18

Your mom seems like a wonderful person....

It's gonna be awkward when you have dinner at home.

It sounds like Mom doesn't want you to leave home, so she's gonna try and make it so you lose your job so you'll have to go and live at home again, indefinitely.

IAmzephyr 22

making a lot of assumptions there, aren't we?

Refusing to tip is something but not complaining to your boss.

Wow that sucks you should totally quit your mom.

Just make sure you can get a good referral when you're interviewing for a new mom.