By Anonymous - 09/04/2015 15:10 - United States

Today, I got a 'Good Morning' text from my boyfriend. Since I hadn't gotten one of those in a while, I thought it was rather nice. That is, until I saw the picture that accompanied it. It was of him, sitting on the toilet and taking a shit. FML
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Kinda sounds like you don't have a sense of humor

Who the hell wants to see their lover making fudge bombs?

JuliaaNoelle 26

I'd laugh if my boyfriend sent something like that to me. It's all a matter of what your type of humor is, and apparently that isn't something OP finds funny. It doesn't mean she has no sense of humor though

Another thing, she might find it funny still. People post FMLs all the time that they find funny but can still fit

Well it depends, if the picture was of his legs and boxers it's funny. If the picture was of the aftermath its gross

It is clearly stated in the FML that the picture was of OP's boyfriend sitting on the toilet.

Well... People express love in all kinds of different ways...

incoherentrmblr 21

At least it wasn't a dick pic...

At least he was thinking of you? Jk. Some people just aren't good with romance.

You give too much credit to his intention.

chefnoel22 11

Better than what was in the toilet lol

Yeah I'd rather see someone on the toilet than what's in it, a friend of mine decided to send me a lovely picture yesterday of what was in theirs, before describing it to me...

You have to have a good morning shit!

Try contrasting response ... Like be sweet instead of an angry response ... If he expects an angry response, he will be stumped and left unsatisfied . If he was being humorous, he would be glad you liked it and may wish you good morning for reals.

I think you're reading way too much in to this.

xxlinneamxx 17

I have sent snapchat while pooping. But, it wasn't of me showing anything below my abs.

Well, it wasn't the best time to think of you. Some people take care of things in the morning. Including their shit.