By Anonymous - United States
Today, I got a 'Good Morning' text from my boyfriend. Since I hadn't gotten one of those in a while, I thought it was rather nice. That is, until I saw the picture that accompanied it. It was of him, sitting on the toilet and taking a shit. FML
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  JuliaaNoelle  |  26

I'd laugh if my boyfriend sent something like that to me. It's all a matter of what your type of humor is, and apparently that isn't something OP finds funny. It doesn't mean she has no sense of humor though

  Mauskau  |  35

Yeah I'd rather see someone on the toilet than what's in it, a friend of mine decided to send me a lovely picture yesterday of what was in theirs, before describing it to me...

By  Hash13  |  13

Try contrasting response ... Like be sweet instead of an angry response ... If he expects an angry response, he will be stumped and left unsatisfied . If he was being humorous, he would be glad you liked it and may wish you good morning for reals.