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Today, I told my mom about the severe phobia I've developed towards driving. She was very supportive and even made me an appointment to see a psychologist. His office is two hours away. I have to drive to see my doctor about my fear of driving. FML
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I bet that drives you crazy!

She's a financial wizard! For the price of one hour with the shrink, she's getting you four hours of desensitization training for free! Next, tell her of your profound phobia of having sex with several beautiful women at once.


Well you said you fear driving but, do you fear being a passenger in a car? If the answer is yes, look on the bright side, you are fucked :)

Or, you know, you could ride the subway. Perhaps take a train. You're not necessarily fucked.

There is no bright side in your scrnario

I thought the smiley made it bright. It doesn't? Shit. Let me rewrite that then. "If the answer is yes, then look on the bright side, atleast if you walk everywhere from now on you'll be healthier" That better for you #29?

My advice to cure phobia of driving: repeatedly expose yourself to the cost of taxi fare, OP.

Your psychologist was probably gonna make you do that anyways to help get rid of your phobia.

Unless she's a pornstar I don't see how..forget it

12 - Except that most of America doesn't have those luxuries..

48 America has plenty of them. The New York City subway has 468 stations serving 24 subway lines - more than any other system in the world.

65: Unfortunately, none of those lines go to, say, Buttfuck, AL.

I think we need DocBastard's diagnosis on this one.

I bet that drives you crazy!

Maybe he can steer her in the right direction.

But won't the commute send her into reverse?

Hey I see what y- *gets lynched*

I'm just scared things could take a turn for the worst.

If she works hard she can pave the way to recovery.

I just hope that OP doesn't get lost trying to take detours. It could really deflate previous progress.

40 - What robot always takes the longest route? R2 - Detour.

As long as she has emotional drive, she will be okay

*insert bad pun here*

The therapy will mainly be the driving itself. Consistently driving to therapy, whilst having support from the therapist, will cure you in no time at all.

If she's supportive then wouldn't she offer to drive you? If not, why don't you ask her to drive you?

I agree, but you know... She could always get a bus too.

A bus still drives

She has a fear of driving, not being driven.

Well that's one way to get over your fear... Maybe.

Doesnt that put the brakes on a lot of your plans?

Take à plane .. HAHAHA A PLANE! Thats funny!!!!

It really isn't. 0.o

There's nothing funny about a plane! One of man's greatest creation!

She's making you drive that far so you get used to it and don't need the therapist. Perfect logic. (jk your mom is a silly pants)

So ask your mom or a friend to drive you there.

Was your mom dropped on her head as a baby?