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Today, an old man wanted to give me a tip for bagging his groceries. He slipped some money as deep into my pocket as he could, stroking my thigh for a few long seconds in the process, then he gave me a creepy smile and winked before walking away. FML
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It sounds like that wasn't the only tip he wanted to give you.


I think it's better to say "Look at the bright side, you got paid" rather than "Oh well"

#1 What a deep and insightful comment. It must've taken you so long to think of it so how on earth did you manage to nab the first comment??? (Yes, I'm being sarcastic)

Really? That was sarcasm? It was quite hard to tell.

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Kinda getting tired of people bashing first commenters even if the comment was crappy. That was insightful!!! :D... D: Rather not hear it.

21- This is not a popularity, cleverness, or any other type of contest. However, if there was a "bitch" contest, I feel you'd win today's prize. It is a first comment, not a Nobel Peace prize; don't get your panties in a twist.

Bitch is a strong word, but I couldn't think of a synonym for it.

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This is gonna be on my bucket list if u know what I mean

36 And you stand on what justification to say that? She is just saying something that was going to be said eventually besides 1 did put a dumb comment but it was still funny

It sounds like that wasn't the only tip he wanted to give you.

I will never stop laughing at your comment. Thank you sir.

Aren't you worried that might damage your lungs?

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You must be confused with smoking. Laughter is commonly known as the best medicine.

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it also sounds like op just let the guys hand slowly caress them.... if his hand was on you for 3, 4, or even 5 seconds you can move away or say something, dont just stand there quietly while they creepily feel you up

Don't mean to get all technical here, but I think this would trigger a panic response, resulting in "fight, flight, or freeze". Freeze is a very common response.

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Not to get all technical but fight-or-flight is a response from the sympathetic nervous system and there's no "freeze" category it just falls within fight-or-flight. Trust me.

#53: But the dose makes the poison, as they* say. Overdose, and it could be bad news. * Paracselsus, in particular. Yes, I've footnoted an FML comment. What's wrong with me?

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He's not a pedo since OP is clearly over age. Now he may be a pervert or a creep, but definitely not a pedo (in that instance).

She bags groceries. Not too far fetched to think she may be underage.

Even if she's only 16, she's still sexually mature. So I wouldn't call the guy a pedophile in this case even if she's technically underage. (Though as 35 says, pervert still applies perfectly)

#63, the guy is not a pedophile. He is a Hebephile. But since most people generalize the word "Pedo" for attraction towards anyone underaged, either term is accepted for kids 11-17 year olds (pubescent kids). IF Op is underaged( I know plenty of people who are of age who are baggers to pay for college and such) the guy is sick for acting out his desires. Even if Op were of age, he had no right to touch Op. You do not have to be sexually harassed for a tip, Op. If he is a regular customer, report him the next time that you come across him.

Right! I hit both buttons, because you deserve it! In the good way. :)

Are you male or female? Clearly it's creepy, but it could be two different levels of creepy depending on your gender...

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It shows gender in the top left corner.

It's stupid logic, but... As a girl, a guy hitting on you is "normal". The fact that he's old and the way he did it makes it creepy. As a guy, a guy hitting on you is "abnormal". So on top of it being creepy cause it's "abnormal", it's even more creepy because of the age and the way it was done. To me, it's just as freaking creepy either way but I'm guessing that's the logic behind that statement.

EphMi 5

if that's the logic behind that statement, then which part of it is stupid?

OP is female, and it's very creepy and inappropriate that he groped her.

I get what you're saying but calling straight sexual harassment "normal" cause it's straight (even though you admit it's creepy) kinda makes me want to vomit. Anyone assaulting anyone I would think is comparable.

Like as a straight person I would feel just as violated if someone of my own gender did that to me as some old man. The way people seem to be viewing it is whether or not you would be attracted to the person (hence sexual orientation) but just cause someone is straight doesn't mean they would bang anyone of the opposite gender. Also I feel uncomfortable calling people with sexual orientations other than "straight" as "abnormal"

#45 it's not abnormal for homosexual men to hit in each other. People really should stop speaking in generalities

Is his name Herbert? And does he happen to have newspapers?

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But Herbert likes little boys! Not girls! Lol.

68 -obviously you don't watch family guy...