By Speedy - 20/07/2010 13:33 - United Kingdom

Today, I took my driving test for the first time. The instructor stopped it after less than ten minutes, and insisted she drive back to the test centre "in the interest of public safety." FML
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Ow no, a woman. I can guess what most of the next comments are going to be like. Sucks for you OP, take a couple more lessons I'd say.

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stop trying to kill people with your idiotic driving. you give women a bad name


No wonder why they don't let women drive in Saudi Arabia. I wish we would do that in the U.S. 

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lol women dont need drivers license, thers no road between the bedroom and the kitchen

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exactly why women shouldn't be driving. OP is a girl and this is a contributing factor to why she can't drive.

I'm not sure whether you deserve it or not. when I did Drivers Ed I did good on the practice driving eventually, it took me awhile to get used to driving the mustang though, but by the time I got used to it I was confident I was going to do good on the test coming up. but when making an appointment of when to have my test they said I would have to have it 4 motherfucking months yeah I got a C :/

hahaha, reminds me of my first attempt. I passed my second :D

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haha. I took my drivers test yesterday and passed lol

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I thought the test was easy. I started driving one month before I took the test and I would have got 100% if it wouldn't have been for the parallel parking. Completely failed that but those were the only points I missed. =P

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I got a 100% on the test driving a car that was totally different from the one I usually drive. did everything from parallel to city to freeway absolutely flawlessly. this is after about a month of driving. so if he said that in the interest of public safety you need to not drive. then just give up all hope and ride a faggio, aka, a mo-ped. YDI 100%

c'mon guys she's a girl ... it's not her fault she can't drive

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Stopped you after 10 minutes? My test took less than 10 minutes & I passed. Parked then only drove maybe 1 mile tops in a circle back to the place

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I passed my first time... no drivers Ed... with a Lincoln town car! now how many women can say that? lol

iv heard this has been happening alot recently....however not to me...I passed 1st time no problem!

I have a brain the third the size of a womans. therefore I shouldn't drive. it's just science.

There is a little more to driving in the UK than in the US. For instance using a stick shift, parallel parking, driving in reverse only using your side and rearview mirrors. Hardly anyone passes tge first time through. If OP had failed their drivers test in the US it would have been a laugh, now it's just sad!

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I did it in a minivan lol. ;-)

u must be a woman because women can't drive. u can't spell woman without man.

93 I'd love to see your sources on that, asshole.

I passed first time, both my theory and practical. I passed my 125cc bike theory and practical first time too, and I turned 18 4 days ago.

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@115 I wouldn't worry about it... it's not true. I study neuropsychology and read a lot about the brain.

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hey ginger >=/ dont be a racist bastard. women can do anything man can do but better. and to op haha. fyl

93- you should keep your comments to yourself, that's just science

Don't Forge Hours; Learn to Drive like a Smart person. YDI

true although the us driving schools we are required to take if we want a permit at 16 make us do all of those besides drive manual... the driving test consists of driving around the block.

Haha 110 I drove my mom's grand caravan. It was stylin' :)

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hahahahaha.38=win. Ydi don't expect pity from us I just suck :)

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Women shouldn't be allowed to drive. END Women's Suffrage!

your pathetic. I hope you dont have a girlfriend or loving mother.

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stop trying to kill people with your idiotic driving. you give women a bad name

You don't have to be so rude. She was probably driving for the first time. Sorry about these assholes OP

hahahaha. that literally made me lol. have you considered driving school...?

Ow no, a woman. I can guess what most of the next comments are going to be like. Sucks for you OP, take a couple more lessons I'd say.

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she didn't want you to kill anyone.

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how dud we assume he/she was a woman?

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it says she is a woman duh!

no... it says the DRIVING INSTRUCTOR is a woman. not the op. so it's not for certain

"#12000759 (31+3) I agree, your life sucks (123) - you totally deserved it (402) On 07/20/2010 at 9:33am - misc - by Speedy (woman) - United Kingdom (Durham)"

there's a big feminine circle/cross sign next to HER username. yeah, you're not helping. op, driving is a talent, not a skill. it's not for everyone. stick to public transportation. I'm assuming you drove an auto trans, so that's even worse that you can't manage even that.

to be fair, 34, the female sign actually only appears on the iphone/itouch app. but what i copied and pasted is what computer users see.

actually 34 most cars in the UK are not automatic.

Do all of the third-party apps show the symbols? I stopped using them when the official one came out.

yeah, i'm pretty sure they do, 59. not 100% positive, though. all i know is that my iphone shows a female sign, and my lappy shows (woman).

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either way, #26 is a dumbass.

Quick question, myschyveus, why would you assume OP's driving an auto trans? She's from the UK, it's more common for a car to have a manual gearbox here. Or at least it used to be.

******* retard it's not he/she.... it's just she

Something similar happened to me, although I was in driving school. The instructor used to be a state trooper, so he was seriously intimidating. He used to make me so anxious that I would mess up...A lot. On the final test, he made me pull over. In front of the other students who were in the car, he told me how awful my driving skills were. He said that he was looking for a "polite" way to tell me how terrible I was but couldn't seem to find one.

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Aww. At least your instructor let you take the test. Mine hated me because when he taught my dad, he gave him a hard time. One day he told me my face would scare away small animals. >.

#28 Oh my gosh, are you serious?! That's awful... :(

28 maybe that's why your name should be "kawaikunai chan" instead lol

Kawaiichan42 3

Completely serious. But, that was like 4 years ago, so I kinda get a laugh at how petty he is. :)

I took Driver's Ed, so I got my license on my birthday without having to take some test. Bam.

#80 I took driver's ed too, but not until after I was 16...So that didn't help me with getting my license at all. I am epic fail. :(

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Well maybe you should stick to a big wheel. You don't need a license an if you crash you'll be the only one hurt. It's a win win.

Haha I always wanted a big wheel as a kid but never got one :/