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you should of looked at your friends and said 'it's okay, I got the ugly one this time'

I think it's time for a diet...


FYL cos you're probly not that fat. And they sound like asses.... But YDI for talking to them....

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Say "well looks like we reeled in the ugly ones again, so how are your 2 inchers?" Aughta shut them up

lol her name is grenade.... JERSEY SHORE!!!

Hes definitely a trooper! lmao!

He took one for the team.

the one who takes the fat girl home= team player

Start hanging out with fatter girls so you look thin in comparison.

I find this fake. Let me explain why. When was the last time (guys) you walked up to a group of chicks without a game plan in someway. Not only that, but in most clubs down here, it's extremely loud, so he would have to be yelling for her to hear that. If anyone finds something that I might have overlooked, please do tell me.

that's why I use you, Wally

haha agreed. hang out with more chicks on the plus side and look thinner. another thing to help is wear pants your size so your stomach doesn't look big.

Fat girls hang out with skinny girls to look skinnier. Skinny girls hang out with fat girls for the same reason.

Look at the bright side..........hmmmm.......mmmm.....forget it.

looks like he really got you

What a team player. He should be rewarded. Maybe that nights escapades could count towards community service hours?

well at least you can tell your friends that they shouldn't talk to these guys cause their obviously flirts since one of the guys said "I'll take the fat one THIS TIME" but yeah fyl....

oh god wat a team player...someone get this man a medal or something he deserves a hug

ugh! I hate with a passion when people try to act like there a part of jersey shore. I'm from new jersey and people always say online that they think I'm a fat, short, orange, un-educated girl, just like all the girls on the show. what they don't know is I'm 11 years old, and I'm an honor student. sorry people reading this I just want all of you to know that not all girls from Jersey are fat whores. love, Emma?

freaking auto-correct! it wasn't a question mark!

Thats Messed Upp TO sayy LIKE yur NOT perfect I Can Tell By YuR Photo That Yur Stuborn And Yuu ThINK yur Hot But YuR really not FAGGET!!!

Cuz bro, I'd take the grenade for ya!!!!

lol you assume she's probably not fat based on the sole known datum of her having been called fat by a stranger op deserves it because fat is a choice. if you're born ugly, fyl; but if you're a fatty, you're just lazy and weak.

How can you be an honors student if you're only 11?

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well..? atleast he talked to you?

I'm tired of people saying OP needs to diet when we have no idea what she looks like. (refer to my reply to 8)

Well it's an Fml. The only reason to get offended is if she thinks there is some truth to the comment so obviously she is insecure about her body so she should change it if she isn't proud of what she looks like.

Well every squad needs a trooper to jump on a live grenade, it's a war zone out there! But in all seriousness don't take it to heart. I am sure you are sane enough to look in the mirror and see that you need to either lose some weight or that you are happy with your body image. As long as you are happy with your look don't worry about what us men say. Cos let's face it, we are all pretty shallow with first impressions.

2- I think it's insensitive of you to say that she needs to diet when you don't know her situation. have a heart will ya!

hey hey hey. big girls need love too

90, that post sure evolved.

Is that picture of you, for your profile picture??

jenny Craig, weight watchers, Planet fitness, see you've got options or u could of just told him to go F his self

he is a man whore . don't pay attention to anything he says

I think a gigalo would be a man whore.

totally Agee...don't pay attention to his skanky ass... you deserve better. hope you told him off

at least u gettin some love, don't complain. especially if you went along with it...

Maybe he likes girls with a bit of meat on their bones.

I know I do. but not to fat.

Not your fault, most guys at clubs are d-bags anyways.

Most of the time, it's your own fault for being fat and not being able to control a simple thing like appetite. And they stay fat when they can't admit it's their fault and they try to blame it on otger causes.

64 - you do realize a lot of guys are idiots and don't know what fat is right? I was once a size 7 (I'm 5'7 1/2") and my ex thought I was plus size. WTF

well then u need to find someone who likes that or loose some weight

not Barney Stintson! he's pure awesome. (how I met your mother, btw)

@8 thats true, but then so are most girls. clubs in general are just full of douchebags.

take it as a sign.. change is needed

your pic is awesome, I lol'd

Says the guy growing up to be one of "douches" LMAO

Lmao at your pic... Gotta look or it!

take it as a sign.. change is needed

Taking one for the team! He deserves a fucking medal.

he took the grenade for the team

ur an idiot just because quoting the jersey shore idiot...