By ronboy - 26/11/2012 23:11 - United States - Columbus

Today, I decided to be responsible and call a cab to take my drunk ass home from the bar. As I climbed into the cab, I was quickly pulled back out and had the shit beaten out of me by a group of drunk guys who thought they needed the ride more. The police soon arrived and arrested us all. FML
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hotPinklipstick 24

I'm sure this is the epitome of FML. Sorry OP, at least you were trying to be responsible.

Screaming 'rape' usually stops all action.


Damn bro. That's a big legal mess. Just walk next time lol.

Oasispetro1 4

Lol you followed me on twitter for a while

blcksocks 19

Unless OP doesn't live in a walkable distance. I would hate to lose my buzz by walking a few miles :)

OP probably needed the buzz after seeing his sister pole dancing.

42 It's called referencing. People do it to help make their comments funnier, and give a slight laugh at the other Fml as well.

Guys, be nice to 42, or when he evolves he'll kill us all!

CallMeMcFeelii 13

If he would have have walked it would have been considered drunk in public. I think taking a cab was his only option without getting arrested. At least he didn't drive home.

Walking can be dangerous too, depending on the level of drunkenness. When you drive drunk, you're a hazard to everyone around you, when you walk drunk, everything else is a hazard to you. :p

49 **** that, I've got a level 99 Lugia. Gameshark for the win.

SDTD10 5

Um 51 did you even read the FML he did end up getting arrested

Yah he will just be thrown in the drunk tank and maybe charged with a misdemeanor, if he drove and got a dui hes in waaaay deeper shit

60- Just. No. Go back and reread his comment.

If he walked there would still have been a risk of getting arrested. It's called public intoxication.

Am I the only one wondering why the police ask the cabbie? He/she was a witness to it!

Havn't asked** I ******* hate myself at times. My brains reads it faster then I type it. Sorry everyone.

unknown_user5566 26

79- Er, haven't* actually. Haha.

Kleekay since Icastillo hired a English professor, can I hire you?:)

unknown_user5566 26

Depends on the salary, I suppose. :)

2 - ah, yes, of course, cause that wouldn't have happened if OP had walked.

unknown_user5566 26

89- Your soul. Ok, I'm no good at being evil. 32k/yr? :P

broseph_joseph 5

Just goes to show ya, being responsible never leads to anything good.

I am kyleekay's temporary lawyer. She wants to know what benefits she will be receiving.

ryry013 6

Wrong comment. In this case, you didn't reply to anything at all. Also, he meant to reference the other FML.

That sucks, and they probably didnt listen when you tried to explain either

HairyPunisher 27

What's to explain? He called the cab. He got in first. The other guys were assholes.

hotPinklipstick 24

I'm sure this is the epitome of FML. Sorry OP, at least you were trying to be responsible.

I really don't understand why they felt the need to beat up OP. :(

it is very unfortunate. I truely feel for OP

iarefatal 9

Because the other drunks wanted a ride home, it's like a "who is willing to brawl to be responsible" fight. Odd isn't it

Misswildsides 22

I may be mistaken, but don't they have security cameras in taxis? For reasons like this? Excuse me if I'm wrong, I've never been in a taxi.

Screaming 'rape' usually stops all action.

SystemofaBlink41 27

I'm gonna use that from now on...

Old Lady: Can you help m...... #23: "HELP...RAPE!!!" Old Lady: *wobbles away freaked out* #23: Shit... It actually worked...

Actually screaming rape has almost no effect. Scream fire. ( I live with a bunch of cops)

57- Do you know what site you're on? EVERYTHING is something to joke about.

Well if a male voice screams 'rape' in a crowd of dudes, everything will stop. With that much testosterone around, no guy wants to be accused of raping another dude.

I'm pretty sure that's a cool thing to do in prison. So no, not so much.

"Good morning sir, do you have a minute to talk about the Jehovah's Wi-" "-RAAAAPE!!!!"

57 -vRape isn't really something to joke about but if used in this instance it wouldn't be a 'joke' like some tweens shouting it for lols at a mall, it would be a legitimate self-defence strategy. There is a difference.

vuragado 10

Heheh, I need to go eat. I read that as "escalad" and now I want a salad.

33- Don't know if I've said this yet. **** you Teemo t(-_-t).

vuragado 10

Ah damn it. Didn't mean to mess up my word :/

soad2014 7

Stay classy in your glass case of emotion until you learn not to overuse that phrase

How could anyone say YDI? OP didnt do anything to deserve that.

especially after deciding to not drive drunk

There are plenty of people who vote YDI just to troll. Isn't it hilarious?

LiterOfCola 16

I think there are people who immediately think "YDI" when they see the word "drinking" sometimes. It's sad

same with smoking, even if the fml would be: 'today, while I was smoking, someone jumped up and killed my dog' people would vote ydi because, apparently, doing something that's bad for your health should be rewarded with a dead dog.

CharresBarkrey 15

15 - How do you ever get thumbs up with that username and display picture? That's incredibly obnoxious.

unknown_user5566 26

103- Because thumbs should be given based on comment content, not usernames & profile pictures.

117- Well you live in a world of lies.

Getting drunk is fun but not when it makes you lose control! Good luck op

What? OP didn't lose control. Unless you were talking about the guys who beat him up.

Of course im talking about the guys who beat him up

iseyixes 18

Uh maybe you should've called a friend.

At least you have the peace of mind that you did the right thing by calling a cab. Good luck getting out of your legal pile of shit.