By badbestfriend - United States
Today, I took my best friend out for a night in town, after he got dumped by his girlfriend recently. As we were walking around, we passed a group of hot women, a couple who were checking him out. Trying to be encouraging, I said "He's single!" and winked. One of the girls was his ex-girlfriend. FML
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  shelbtron  |  0

uh. excuse me...who cares? this isn't a FML, this is a "so like today i like went to cheer up my friend right? and like he totally just got broken up with...and then like we passed these girls and for some reason i like, decided to embarrass him by emasculating him and hollering at girls for him? and like one of those girls was his ex? and this story doesn't have a climax or an ending?"

By  synix  |  0

Not your fault, you were just trying to be encouraging like you said. There was no intent to piss him off. Hopefully he didn't get overly mad.

  englishmuffin  |  0

Good point... maybe she was hard to spot because it was a group of girls and the OP didn't look closely enough. Either that or she got all dolled-up to the point of being unrecognizable?