By whywilson.. - 02/03/2010 01:17 - Canada

Today, I watched Cast Away with my girlfriend after not seeing it for a year. I forgot how sad it was when Wilson "dies" at the end. I cried. My girlfriend told me to man up. FML
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mama2b3 20

That's horrible she must have no heart at all! I bawl my eyes out everytime I watch that movie! That part is so sad :(


iSitt 0

then she left you for dr spaulding

I agree with her. Man up!!

bettadenne1 0

screw her tht crap was sad tell her shes a biotch and has no soul Op fyl

FYLDeep 25

She just doesn't understand what it's like for a guy to lose one of his balls.

im2good25 0

wow I was going to see that movie tonight. thanks for ruining it.

bettadenne1 0

if u live in the US ud be up for 3 more hours so i doubt ud watch it considering its 2 where im at so u either have no life or insomnia

im2good25 0

@ 24 I'm on a bad sleeping sched..... sleep at 4am, wake up at 1

should have given her a hard ***** and ask her "who's the man?"

LMAO @ #17! It might be hard for a man to lose a ball but to watch a man lose a ball in a movie? Not that tough. I thought that scene was funny. If man up isn't doing it for you, woman up.

NOOOOOO! Not Wilson! snif snif

TrekkieGirl 0

OP, I agree with your girlfriend. I'm all for a guy being sensitive and showing a little emotion, but tearing up over anything in 'Cast Away', isn't the right time to show it.

GeorgeBoosh 0

The OP is a ******* pussy!

The movie came out in year 2000. Anyone who hasn't seen by now, and is planning to see it, has no reason to complain about spoliers.

mshafty 0

So the OP has some weird volley ball fetish? kinky!!

OP should have told her to 'woman up' and get back in the kitchen.

tweetbaby14 18

WILSOOOOOONNNNN!!!!!!! wait that's the movie with te dude and the coconut right?

tweetbaby14 18

*the my bad

So, did you man up?

vrock 0

dude I cried too

nina2010 0

Totally agree 68!


I watched that movie with my girlfriends one night in my dorm and I cried like a baby for the rest of the movie at that part

awww yeee I got 100 ^^^^^^

I thought it was the funniest part of any movie I've ever watched. Was literally on the floor laughing. I thought it was supposed to be funny. It's a ******* volleyball ffs.

mponce12 0


tweetbaby14 18

hey 102 in 2000 I was in kidnergarten do you really think I wouldve seen this movie. no. I've seen the cartoon spoofish versions and one had a coconut which I confused with a volleyball ok. I advise you just shut up now

chrisparty 0

it's spalding ass hole!! lol I'm bored

AA357 0

Damn, that shit was whackkkkkk. The only movie I ever cried over.

AA357 0

Oh yeah, and tell her to get back into the ******* kitchen and make you a nice sandwich.

tell me about it

at 102 wtf that was his only friend for like 4 years if you were stuck on an island for 4 years I bet you'd cry too.

mama2b3 20

That's horrible she must have no heart at all! I bawl my eyes out everytime I watch that movie! That part is so sad :(

kniickles 0

agreed. I ******* loved Wilson D:. your girlfriends a heartless bitch.

Gotta love how mean people are to those who are touched by dramatic parts of a film.

Roflmaaark 0

Man up son !

madskillz3088 0

No Wilson!!!! it's ok there are plenty more Wilsons at ur nearest sports store ;) it'll cheer you up.. :)

I have nothing against guys who cry but maybe you're too sensitive. fyl I guess. how about next time pick a comedy? can't go wrong with that unless you're dating a girl who doesn't like to laugh.

A volleyball can die?

anela_fml 0

sure didn't you know

yourlifesfucked 0

watch the damn movie! its a classic, only its not really that old so...

purplemnm 9

he doesn't "die"...he floats's sad, it'll make you cry no matter how many times you watch it.

ur a b*tch bro its a fukin volleyball.

A volleyball shouldn't have a surprised look on it's face either