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By  VexDraham  |  0

#1... I'm sorry i don't speak complicated hand gestures... you apparently do... but only 11% of the US population has any use for it... and no one is gonna randomly walk up to some old lady and do... do whatever it is your saying to do. Most old ladies would look at you like an idiot then walk to the nearest police station, and say, "Their's some crazy person in the street making their hands dance" ... no I don't think that anyone is gonna do that. lol

  Adele61  |  1

This is grammar school had a deaf class in every grade and we learned sign language as a class...also you do t have to just walk up to someone and sign "help" you can say is and sign it at the same time...I do this all the time without even thinking...

  GeorgiaBea  |  28

Only 11% of the population? Gee... We should never try to communicate with people who don't speak our language. This is the most ignorant thing I've read all day. ASL is a language. Not "making your hands dance." Idiot.