By jimmyt420 - 29/11/2009 09:33 - United States

Today, me and my girlfriend went and saw "The Blind Side." I sobbed throughout the entire movie. My girlfriend didn't shed a tear. FML
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crzyry 6

There's nothing wrong with that. That movie was amazing. I didn't cry watching but it was still good.

a tear drop is cute, sobbing- thats a no no


foreverhis 4 and my boyfriend kinda watched the movie...and we kinda had sex in the back corner too. :)

foreverhis 4

yes I lost my virginity in a movie theater. get over it.

isaiaha11 2

ydi 4 saying " me and my girlfriend" instead of my" girlfriend and i" ~ grammer nazi

don't be afraid to cry cry, u could still be a manly guy. nigahiga,keV jumba, and chester

It's spelt GRAMMAR not grammer mr Nazi

Sun_Kissed18 25

Because he crys in a sad movie means he's gay?

tyhillman 0

No it's gay that the guy cried for a movie about an Ole Miss graduate. Go State! 41-27! GTHOM!

Men are quite delicate about that aren't they #31? I almost feel bad for them...

At least he wasn't watching Twilight....

Crying or not, any man who pays to see Twilight is a fag.

Just something I have to say... I know alot of Girls (No I am not saying ALL, before anyone get's on my back), that always complain that the males they know aren't sensitive... But Nine times out of Ten, when they do meet someone who actually is capable of housing emotion, they complain that they aren't manly enough... This makes no sense. Secondly, to all the people calling him Gay or a Pussy, I feel sorry for you. Thing is, this guy actually has a level of emotion higher than yours, much higher, and to be honest, without emotion, the world would be dull, and life would be about as Grey as it could possibly be... I mean, crying over a movie doesn't make you any less of a man, or affect your sexuality (What the hell does that even have to do with it?), it just means you are capable of feeling more intensely. That's it. And yes, I know, I'm going to get about a million negative comments for this, but... Had to be said.

My husband watched Twilight with me. It was his idea to rent it and he asked me to watch it with him. Afterward he said it wasn't a bad movie for a chick flick. I assure you he's not gay. It's not a bed thing you cried through the movie. Some chicks are into that. I wish my husband would open up a little more, in 5 years of marriage I've only seen him cry twice.

foreverhis 4

you are so right. honestly you are.

bioshockguy 0

Gray didn't need to be capitalized for your sentince. Yes, I'm a grammer Nazi, you got a problem with that?

foreverhis 4

yeah i doo. wat cha gonna doo bout it?? lol.

midgetman104 3

Maybe spell sentence right next time?

a tear drop is cute, sobbing- thats a no no

Skull_300 0

He's not a Fag, he's a Pussy for sobbing like a baby. The girlfriend should beat his ass!

Maybe you are just a pussy. I'm a 16 year old girl and the only movie I have ever cried in was The Wrestler.

Oh my gosh, you're sixteen and you've only ever cried during one movie?! Congratulations! What an accomplishment. Wow. Do you want a cookie?

Wow Rachel, you are sooo tough. I wish I was as brave as you. /sarcasm

I wish I was as sarcastic and cool as you guys when I insult people over the internet. ..Hmmm

I'm sure you'll get there one day, trickster. :D Using sarcasm when insulting someone, in my opinion, beats gloating about how tough you are when insulting someone.

Well, the only movie I've ever cried in was Alien, and I was seven at the time. But then again, I don't watch too many movies. *******. /sarcasm

If you have to make a note of your sarcasm, you're probably not being sarcastic enough. /sarcasm (wait, wait, nevermind. I meant that.)

I cried when they killed the Stay Puft Marshmallow in Ghostbusters T_T. SIck, sick people they are.

What i would like to know is if 18 really does have cookies.........and if so, can i have one.

I wish I was as cool as the people that insult people that insult people over the internet! Ha! Im just playing dude. I go to work in twenty minutes and Im just bored.

The only movie I've ever cried to was the Titanic.

Careful everyone, a badass showed up on the horizon.

crzyry 6

There's nothing wrong with that. That movie was amazing. I didn't cry watching but it was still good.

shibainu519 0

more like: WHO THE **** CARES?!

haha your girlfriend is more of a man than you. I'm an 18 year old girl and I've only ever cried during one movie, The Terminal with Tom Hanks.

Because men aren't allowed to cry, right? How sexist. You should be ashamed of yourself.

The Terminal? Really? That wasn't even sad.

IOwnedYou 0

I wish I was as cool as you. =[

Wow Chelsee, that really hurts coming from another man.

JustinBieberIsOK 0

I love your profile picture, did you draw it? I <3 wolves :)

At least one person wears pants in the relationship. ;)

sguitaradam 5

its cool that you cried, that movie is pretty good