By idiotfriend - 16/06/2009 05:41 - United States

Today, I rented some movies in attempts to cheer up my best friend. Her husband just died a few weeks ago in a helicopter accident. I was in a rush and didn't read the descriptions of the two films, one was about a plane crash where all the passengers died. She cried through the entire movie. FML
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Why did you continue to watch the entire thing...?


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WIN loooooool! That something a stand up comedian would say not a FML.

Why didn't you just turn the movie off? Seriously, you really are a bad friend, OP. I know you were only trying to cheer her up and all but please...

YDI! Why not pick something you had actually seen that you knew might be somewhat uplifting??

Somehow I don't think watching a film would cheer her up anyway she probably just wants to dwell or talk about it.

you are either a dumbass, or a complete ignorant friend

YDI for thinking watching a movie cheers people up. ******* Retard