By :( / Tuesday 2 March 2010 00:14 / United Kingdom
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  sexidimplez  |  0

ok seriously i work for mentally ill adults and they have way better hygiene. i blame your family you must all be dirt bags or your sister has a mental issue ... fyl

  oogyboogy  |  6

I don't think you should make a vagina reference about a 14year old girl... that pedophelia.

  scarsnstars45  |  0

Underwear must be changed and teeth must be brushed on a daily basis AT LEAST.

Otherwise do the world a favor and go live on an island with other foul people so we dont have to smell you.

Oh wait, they're british…i guess they already made that choice, hahaha

  Woodsy007  |  0

@108 what the hell mate! British are great so go F yourslf for being such a loser you need to down on your supiors. and if you were smart enough, you'd know the Americans were the ones to go find their own land. yah, oh dam the brits are smart too.

  mustang67  |  0

I've been to England and pretty much every stereotype is true. The food is so bad that vinegar actually does improve it. Peoples' teeth were so nasty i was afraid for someone to open their mouth. And if brits were really that smart how come they couldnt manage a bunch of farmers with pitchforks?

  kristen_lesli  |  0

I'm going to end this arguement now. The US makes the top three in Olympic gold medal counts almost every single year; I don't remember seeing Britian once. Although, the British have friggin awesome accents. Then again, America won the revolutionary war; but that means that America began in Britian. So how about the Americans pull up thier pants and put thier hat on straight, while Britian goes into the corner and sips out of thier pretty little tea cups. Discussion Ended.

  idkweird  |  0

#144: You and I obviously had very DIFFERENT experiences. I found great food in London. I didn't really see a whole lot of people with bad teeth. At least no more than you would see in any big city. My ex-bf was born and raised there and had gorgeous teeth, as did his entire family.

Though it was cold and somewhat dreary, it was also gorgeous and so full of amazing history. Our country is still a baby compared to theirs.

Also, the reason we won the war is because we employed gorilla tactics. If you knew anything about the way wars were supposed to be fought and how we fought them, it's no wonder we won. We weren't fighting properly. If we had, we'd have lost.

  Archenyoni  |  0

That's called "strategy", #147. Just because we fought a different way doesn't mean it was immoral or something. It just worked better. They would've done the same if they had known about it.
and it's "guerrilla". A gorilla is an animal.


  ladiesman14  |  0

the british were really nice and helful to the irish during the great potato famine. and didnt they help india grow and prosper too. and the british look real pretty when they get old.

  kaileebug  |  0

132, So us hating your country enough to go find our own land (which was a long, dangerous journey) makes you smart? Please explain your logic, I must be missing something.

  Woodsy007  |  0

@ #147 thank you, I grew up in England after being born in America. I'm an American citizen, and I'm 15. I know enough to say England is a whole lot cooler then America. and if someone wants to sterotype, then Americans can go eat McDonalds and get fat, and I'll stick to my fish nd chips considering fish is good for me.

  The_Big_Mac  |  7

186, you like it so damn much go back. to those of you who find Britain so great, good for you. go back and deal with not having any rights. your people are defenseless and the ideas of "safety" sucks. there's a reason your always having bad shit happen. your country is pathetic. America is the place to be. We just got to keep from letting our rights get screwed up by jackasses like 186 who want America to be another shit hole country like Britian. good looking country or not your ideals suck.

  Ghostd0g_fml  |  0

It's a shame the 'superpower of the world' got its ass kicked a few times. Besides...bad teeth isnt really bad, compared to a population with such stereotypes as: retarded inbred rednecks, morbidly obese people, and being very, very dumb.

Ah well...at least you're the superpower of the world, that hasn't got the US very far though.

  Vincanety  |  0

don't go fu*king telling me amarica's the best shut up their not Canada in the first world war were crazy for the amount of troops they had so yeah all the country's have something to be proud of so don't go saying us is better then any other country expect for the german's

  kniickles  |  0

For girls all that bacteria on top of bacteria can give her either a rash or a yeast infection. For guys, they don't have that problem so guys can reuse underwear but it's extremely unsanitary for girls.


Actually, The vagina is a self cleaning organ, making it much cleaner than a penis, or even your mouth for that matter. If my bf wore the same underwear for a week, he'd better be washing dem nuts if he wants me doing very much to them. ;p you guys can get pretty foul down there too if you don't keep it clean. Ballsweat man. o.o

  redbluegreen  |  40

Maybe she wore really brightly colored underwear with low rise jeans. It's hard not to notice someone's underwear sometimes. Maybe by the time day five or six came around, the OP mentioned it and the sister admitted it'd been a week since she changed them, which is her usual.

That's how I interpreted it anyway.

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