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By  Meghan Powers  |  2

I can relate I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. They seemed totally unconnected but they are. It sucks. But do the best you can. And stay on it. Log everything from GI issues, allergies, headaches, and muscular skeletal issues. They very well be a piece of the puzzle. I didn’t get diagnosed for 29 years and I was born with it.

  Eivana  |  37

I live with someone who has Ehlers Danlos. It's like it effects every single part of her body. I hope you don't feel too much pain and it all gets managed.

By  sparx1_1  |  12

By the time I was 26 I'd had over a dozen various procedures and surgeries. All for different completely unrelated issues.
Your body isn't falling apart - we just live in a world where physical issues can be resolved easily with simple surgeries. Better than living with unnecessary pain.

By  LostInTheZone11  |  28

25 total here. My body looks like it got mauled by a propeller.