By Kiimmy - 09/10/2010 14:36 - United States

Today, I was watching a movie. The ending was sad and I started bawling my eyes out. My boyfriend sitting beside me kept looking back and forth between me and the TV, so I asked what he was doing. He replied with, 'I don't know which one is better to watch.' FML
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haha he's a funny guy(: keep him around.


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Maybe he likes the intensity of your emotions?

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A dacryphiliac? maybe? I dont know... this is Oo worthy...

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you entertain your boyfriend it's all good

20-- he was probably joking. how is he inconsiderate? and you didn't SEE her cryimg, so you can't claim she's annoying

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YDI for being a lil pussy ass bitch.

it's just a joke, chill guys. and 20, you don't know for sure.

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Congratulations, You officially have a deushbag of a boyfriend.

Big deal. No one cares about the guy who doesn't show feelings about the movie that sucked one way or the other. If someones wasting my time, I'd be annoyed too. YDI op, and get over it.

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Congratulations, you officially have a deushbag for a boyfriend.

84:congratulations you're a retard and can't spell.

HAHA i love how #20 is being "inconsiderate." Damn Hypocrites.

uhm you guys are stupid this is a total repeat.

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haha he's a funny guy(: keep him around.

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this is so NOT and fml YDI for making me waste minutes of my life reading this!

it took you minutes of your life to read this?

oh yeah change you comment and make me look like a dumbass thanks bud

Boyfriend win. Don't cry, grow some balls. Not really grow some balls but you get the point.