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  golden_warrior  |  23

People tend to get emotionally attached to characters. Toy story is been around for a decade so OP could have grown up watching them. Therefore, I can understand his reaction during that particular scene. Regardless, toy story is a really good movie that kids and adults can enjoy.

  cyttex  |  13

Are you kidding me 24 that movie is super sad, maybe because I grew up with toy story but it's still ok to shed a manly tear at a good movie.

  poncho55  |  40

Toy Story didn't make me cry, but Lilo and Stitch always makes me cry. Every time. Cartoon movies can really connect with people on a deeper level if you find empathy for a character or have/had similar feelings as said character. A lot of people connect with Toy Story on a very deep level because we've all experienced growing up with toys who have their own personalities, names, and stories. They may be lifeless but they were/are our friends. Then we start maturing and grow more distant from that past, but it's still a part of us even as adults. So, watching movies like Toy Story takes you back to those times and connects you to something in your past or makes you feel certain emotions that were otherwise lost along the path of life.

  SuperMew  |  22

Wow, Poncho, that is a very beautiful comment. *Claps*

I agree. Try watching Grave of the Firefly and not breaking into tears. My sister had the view that "cartoons cannot make you cry and anime is dumb." I showed her that movie and she was in tears within the first 30 minutes. Cartoons might seem harmless and for children, but they are made by adults. Many movies have some adult jokes thrown in to make sure parents don't murder themselves out of boredom.

I cried during a lot of cartoon movies. I would love to have someone who is brave enough to show their real emotions. So many people try to be strong and manly and don't let their partner see them cry.

  iknowiwantyou  |  13

24, cartoon movies are being made to entertain adults too nowadays. The move Up made me bawl my eyes out. And I was never was a Toy Story fan, but I happened to watch the last one and the ending was actually really sad.

  vipirius  |  18

I agree. The only works of fiction that made me cry were anime. Just because it's animated doesn't mean it can't be emotional, or that it's only for kids.

By  mattjamt  |  16

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By  awkward_gothlady  |  32

There are plenty of girls out there who would have found that touching rather than embarrassing. Your ex-girlfriend really needs to grow up. Now you're free to find someone who already has.