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  andydawg8891  |  0

Well, if you listen to him chances are you can get hooked up with some old rich guy. He kicks the buckets and leaves you with all his stuff..... haven't I heard this somewhere before?

Wise Man Indeed


I agree with #40! Get the boobs and cook. GET THE BOOBS! Did i say get the boobs? and learn to cook, then you can get as many guys as it takes to satisfy you. Bukkake if you will

By  Starchild21  |  3

That was pretty disrespectful of him, but that's assuming you don't confide in him on a normal basis. If you do then he may have a point, after all he's going with the stereotypical aspect of what a guy wants.

By  Sun_Kissed18  |  25

Well isn't he an ass... I would have punched him and yelled "COOK THIS!" lol :)

Oh and don't worry about the boob comment, lot's of guys like small boobs :) you don't need surgery just to please some guys!