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  7yzzFML  |  17

Exactly, I dont know why the OP would expect us to reply anything other than "You deserve it", its simple OP, you are fat, its your fault, start burning more energy than consume, its not that hard.

  LGuard  |  13

There really is no excuse to be fat outside of (severe) medical issues. OP needs to get their jelly arse outside and start jogging (or running if capable of doing actual exercise).


Really grosses me out how people are being so harsh on the OP. Weight loss can be hard, OP could have thick bones or bad medical issues, and, in general, it's just really harsh to call someone "fat". The way it's said, it's like saying it's all someone is, or that it's their defining characteristic. Plus, maybe I'm just weird, but generally, the harsher people are to me, the less likely I am to take their advice.

  SMHsohard  |  22

It's also a pretty passive-aggressive way to bring up the subject on her mom's part.

We don't really have enough information to say FHL or YDI:

If mom is a size 2 and OP is a size 12, then this is mom's problem.
If OP shops at Lane Bryant because she has curves instead of being a lollipop lady and is physically healthy, it's still mom's problem.
If OP really is packing on pounds and living unhealthy, then it's time to talk with her doctor and mom about steering back onto a healthy course. No, it's nowhere near easy, but losing weight say, in your late teens or 20s is a lot easier than when you approach the half century mark.

  SMHsohard  |  22

Because only perfectly beautiful people ever go on the Internet, and everything you read and see is the absolute truth, since you can't put anything that's not true on the Internet.


  TorturedXeno  |  27

OP is a girl. So she'd had to be extra chunky to fit into fat boy jeans.

By  maz95  |  17

Well if you're not happy, think of this as motivation to start getting into shape. Tough way to find out from your mum though..if she did just blatantly tell you.