By tiptoesjohnson - 19/01/2012 23:26

Today, I attempted to cheat on a test by writing some notes on my hand. During the test I had a question. I raised my hand. FML
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renniepenny 5

That hand should have instinctively stayed in your lap or hidden in your sleeve. If you're going to cheat, at least do it right.


renniepenny 5

It totally seemed like OP tried to get caught. I find that hilarious! xD

******* idiot! 1) for cheating 2) for not being sure extra cautious not to get caught

^whoa, harsh. Sure, it's bad that he cheated, but that doesn't mean he's a ******* idiot.

A similar FML has come up before, but it was better worded :(

OneNightStan 2

This would explain why you needed to cheat in the first place!

Haha it's not a FML, it's a Fail in a possible ways :p

lionandthelamb61 9

You know there's a button for that.

nonamericandolla 6

Agreed! U should study next time...

FYL - you're so stupid you have to cheat. YDI - you cheated. And raised your hand.

Why would you need to ask a question if the answers were on your hand

That hand should have instinctively stayed in your lap or hidden in your sleeve. If you're going to cheat, at least do it right.

25, I hope you were trying to be funny.

Wasn't more or less trying to be anything. Of course there are many views on it, but I'm majoring in sociology, and they teach and provide valid evidence that humans no longer have instincts. Only animals do.

28- if she was, it sure didn't work..

Nope. And so what do you call it when someone tries to hit you and you attempt to block them with your arms? Humans are animals. Just more technologically advanced.

The only reason you react to someone going to hit you, is because you LEARNED as an infant when something hits your face it hurts, so you've obtained the reflex as adult to prevent pain. in sociology, humans are blank slates and only learn reactions and reflexes. Many people confuse instinct with reflex but don't realize our reactions are learnt responses.

Ah, right. Forgot about reflexes... But then what about sexual selection? Although society has shown itself to be able to increase population without those standards, most people still prefer a fit companion. Pretty sure that is animal instinct.

And what you said about humans being more advanced is why humans no longer have instincts.. instincts are designed for survival. With our technology we aren't exactly facing the same life or death situations our ancestors did.

But think, we don't look for 'fit' companions. Describe a 'fit' companion. In our western culture, its a dominant male with a low voice, and woman are petite, have big eyes, small chins, and waists. however its cultural learned by societies expectations of what a 'fit' mate is. I watched a documentary where in a certain culture you're only a married woman if you're fat, suggesting she can cook. Definitely not the same here.

Well sexual selection is technically still for survival. Just the standards have changed. A typical female will search for a male who she believes will be able to support a family. Wealth, personality (is he going to be a 'good father'?), and there is still that aspect of physical attraction...(what does he look like?--> what will my offspring look like?) Obviously people don't think through it that much but that thought process is present today in many relationships.

It's still instinctual. It's just for different standards because the environment has changed around us.

We only think about physical attraction because the media and our society has TAUGHT us what physical attraction is! Plus, we also base our preferences on our parents opinions (as creepy as that sounds) many sons and daughters will look for qualities their parents have. We don't want men because they can't support us, not because we can't support ourselves anymore, but because in those magazines, they warn us to stay away from duds. Plus what would our mothers think if we're dating that? Mating is no longer an instinct, the standards are provided to us through media and society. (Sorry if I sound ignorant, I'm really appreciating this conversation, I like to debate is all and I respect your opinion)

because we CAN support ourselves now* my bad

Physical attraction is present in nature as well, though. Think about peacocks. Their feathers are DESIGNED to attract females. Same with a buck or whatever, the bigger it's antlers are, the more attractive it is to females. And in media, most people ARE attractive, but are chosen to promote the project in which they will be featured because people want to see them, as opposed to like, an obese man who weighs over 600 pounds, and will increase the intake of money. We still choose for ourselves on whether or not we find them attractive. It's not like media chooses for us.

It's an interesting topic, yeah. Never heard of this point before. Honestly doesn't make much sense to me though.

Ugly girl. Drinking isn't cool. No ones impressed.

You just listed off what animals do, and they DO have instincts. Hmm, and the only way I could say this is that like you mentioned earlier, we evolved. Maybe in previous generations, decades, centuries, etc. it was an instincts to find a young attractive female, fertile, thin (healthy) for reproduction purposes. Now though, those instincts aren't necessary for survival, but since our ancestors passed on what we need to look for we kept that idea in mind. If physical attraction was an instinct, then the world would be filled with beautiful people based on survival of the fittest. The ugly wouldn't breed and die out (sounds so cruel). Beautiful genetics would live on (why are all male peacocks feathers beautiful? because the ugly ones die out) Unlike instinctual animals, we don't worry about our mates attraction or fertility. We don't need to rely on our spouses for survival, so we can look beyond the ugly, no car, no job, and see the personality!

61- Ugly guy. Does your ass get jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth? I don't drink so get your head out of your ass and grow up.

mstangchck 9

61 could have been talking about 3. In her profile it lists a type of drink she likes. And in my opinion she is pretty. He never specified which person he was talking to.

phoenixslayer69 4

65- what about our fight or flight instinct. If in a life and death situation that instinct kicks in.

I don't understand why Roevera is getting thumbed down? She made some valid points.

bamagrl410 31

Why are we having a sociological and/or psychological argument on an FML? You're both pretty. Now stay out of each other's way, and let's move on?

It is mostly because someone said it should be instinct to keep your hand hidden. Then "ms. sociology major" jumped in and said humans do not have instincts, only animals do.

Bit of a know it all at 18? Perhaps finish the class :)

cooLING 0

#65, you know **** sapiens sapiens are members of the animal kingdom, right?

Oh dear. Thank you 72. I also don't drink to be cool but thanks for reading my profile and giving a shit enough to comment about it. Anyways, humans are animals and we all have the instinct to protect ourselves and avoid problems.

When you throw a baby in water (sounds horrible) they will INSTINCTIVLY close their mouth and airways till they reach the surface, and that wasn't learned I seen this in a documentary about the human body

xStaciexLynnx 15

Roevera- I'm majoring in Early Childhood Education, currently studying childhood development, and learning all about the different instincts we are born with. An instinct is an impulsive action. We don't learn to block our faces because we 'learned as babies that it hurts to get hit in the face'. That's just stupid. Babies flinch when something comes at their face even if they've never been hit (because MOST people would never hit an infant but it's an inborn survival instinct).

Roevera, you're majoring in a very soft science. You're basically there to put into practice on a larger scale(I.e. civilization) by what hard science scientists discover. Genes have a greater control on our behavior than many would care to admit. You think suckling on a teat is a learned behavior? What about simple startle responses? There are numerous things we do that are instinctual. You can condition things to an extent, but the underlying power player is what's expressed by our genes.

Agreed - to say humans have lost all instinct is a serious accusation. I may agree with you that we are not so inclined as we used to be in our reactions, or whatever, but I would not say that it is completely gone. Given the circumstances, people WILL take instinctive action (like the comment above stated fight or flight).

MikeMikeTheAzn 3

The comment #65 posted made her look more dumb. Your a preacher until somebody opens their mouth at you. HUHH?? HUH!?!

110 - you're* Can't call someone stupid when you can't get basic grammar right.

Roecera, better get your money back for that class if that's the crap they're teaching you.

We are not animals people. God created us, its in the bible. We did not evolve from monkeys. (no I'm not one of those "give a bible verse to everything" kind of person) Go ahead thumb me down, I don't mind :) but I had to say it.

Haha, this thread made me laugh. I CLEARLY stated that there were many opinions on this topic. I never ONCE said mine was right, I was merely speaking what I've learned. I'm also in Psychology, and they do believe in instincts so really its not like I stand by "no instincts" completely, it would just be pointless to argue sociology and then turn around and defend psychology. Gosh, don't take everything so seriously people! its the internet! And to the baby being put under water. Its a reflex to close their mouth because when they're first submerged they inhale water, and the only way to prevent that is by closing the mouth. After that its simply a learnt response. And to whom said I made myself a fool by comment #65, I don't care what you think, and it is very possible to have more than two conversations at once you idiot. I don't talk formal, I just do when I'm debating.

and boofball if you're gonna be a smart ass at least do it right.

Fight or Flight isnt an instinct if theirs two 'choices' involved. Clearly you choose what to do. do you think an infant knows whether to run or stay? running away and all the occurances in your body are simply because you're scared and its your body's reaction to fear. You learnt fear as a child.

I had one teacher that would make us roll up our sleeves, and pants and she would check our arms and legs for any writing.. If we had any she would make us go wash it off

Tdevonner 0

Thats why id write the answers on a chair /desk infront of me if the surface was daek enough to hide the pencil...or quickly before class starts write it on the instep of my shoe...ORRR if we really wanted to be slick we'd print it on a label maker n stick it on a bottle of water...

Tdevonner 0

But honestly, idk if I was too smart or too dumb cuz id usually forget to use whatever cheating medium id created..cuz I knew the material n if I didnt, by the time I made a cheat sheet I knew it lol. I think I just needed a security blanket...

123 - Only one? All of my teachers did that, but that's probably because everyone in my country cheats.

The easiest way to cheat is get a big rubber band, streatch it over a desk, write answers on the stretched rubber band (in pen), let dry, take off of desk, put on wrist. It looks like you have a dirty rubberband on your wrist but when u stretch it out the answers you nerd are on it

dva976 7

Someone should nominate u for a Darwin award.

renniepenny 5

Aren't Darwin awards for when you die doing something stupid?

Yes 8, dying while doing something stupid therefore removing yourself from the gene pool. No Darwin awards for cheating on a test.

I'm sure op's nomination is in the very near future

Really Darwin awards are for dying OR otherwise stopping yourself from ever breeding but close enough.

Airman1988 9

Literal meaning to caught red handed pretty much YDI

Only if the ink on his hand was red to!

Seriously, ydi. There's just about nothing anyone can say beyond that.

Brilliant job, just hope you don't do that in an important exam, YRDI though.

I think the best way to cheat in a test is to print out your cheat sheet but make it look like a school notice and attach it near to where you are going to sit, before the test.

My favorite way to cheat is by writing/ printing on a paper and the wrapping it around a plastic water bottle. Or pulling out half the label, scratch in a few things and then reattach. No one would suspect a water bottle unless it's made obvious. I'm so bad!

104 reading this makes me wish I was in school to try it hahha

Stretch rubberband, write answers on it, wear on wrist (unstretched) streatch when needed.

Best way to cheat is to study more than usual, you butt

kittykat1501 31

except that's not cheating, that's doing tests the right way.

If OP was smart they wouldn't have got caught...

If OP was smart they wouldn't have needed to cheat in the first place..

MyLoveDrunk 11

Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realise you could own 'smart.' I think the grammar mistake that you over looked on your comment was **you're. Gosh No I'm just kidding haha, I always make mistakes like that too

briannajm 9

This is so stupid you make a JOKING comment on here cause this is a funny website were people put their everyday dumb moments , and for some reason people get jumped on . Get off her back, this happened to me on this same post it's so crazy .

Thankyou #201 :) I HATE when people do that !! And #34 yeah I am smarter because if I was in a test 1. I wouldn't have to cheat and 2. I wouldn't raise my hand knowing there are answers on it. And If I needed help with a question I would raise the OTHER hand.