By bloodyfreakinawful - United States - Seabrook
Today, in class, I reached into my bag to pull out a tampon, which I hid under my sleeve so I could make a quick escape to the restroom. My teacher yelled at me, because she thought I'd taken out my phone. I then had to prove myself by showing the tampon to the whole class. FML
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  liv_graham  |  7

I'm pretty sure if you had to change your tampon, you wouldn't pull it out in plain view, and let everyone see it. Maybe ask for a mouth filter for Christmas

By  pradip  |  26

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  Bibliovore  |  26

#41, you're right that it's nothing to be ashamed of, but in junior high and high school almost anything gets made fun of, and bodily functions -- particularly those involving OMG!sexbits! -- are prime targets.

  Ozuru  |  11

pradip, I like your comments. Don't worry, I upvote whenever I see them. People hate them for some reason, but you just...keep posting. Keep it up *o/*

  happle  |  21

64- I don't wave my tampons around, but I I need one, I'll take it out without making a big deal of how "embarrassing" it is.

  lionheart822  |  13

I don't see why the OP didn't just pull out their phone from wherever they were keeping it. It's prove they weren't using it and might save them the embarrassment.

  stargirl_95  |  24

Well if OP was a man he could claim that he had a tampon because he was prone to nosebleeds. She's The Man was right, tampons work great for nosebleeds, although it is slightly disturbing to see someone with a tampon shoved up their nose.

  OhDearBetrayal  |  25

It's not something to be ashamed of, but most people don't like announcing their bodily functions to the whole world. As an example, everybody poops, but when you go off to the bathroom you don't want to tell someone, "Hey, I'm going to go to the bathroom to poop." It's the same thing as saying, "I'm going to go to the bathroom to take care of my period." Most people don't want to put those kinds of images in other people's heads, so they prefer to keep it to themselves and just handle it. It's not the period or the pooping that's embarrassing, it's the need to want to take care of such things yourself without displaying it to people who do the same exact thing.

  1215116a  |  14

Oh yeah and to add to 23, people tend to blame everything on a period, like being moody or hungry. If people found out they might tease her for it or something. Some people can't handle that girls have periods and like to say stuff like, "Oh are you gonna start acting bitchy now?" because that happened to my friend once in 8th grade, and their are douchebags everywhere.

  rocketiquette  |  20

4- I agree, I don't find it awk. If something like that happened to me I'd just own the moment and hold it up like baby simba and say something like "behold!!!!! The mystic plunger to halt the red tide!!!" ... the teacher would feel like an ass as I'd leave for the restroom.

  rocketiquette  |  20

Nope. It's like guys getting embarrassed with they drop a condom. But maybe I'm a little too harsh for other FMLers.... Personally I don't care what others think and I've never really been embarrassed about anything

  rocketiquette  |  20

In addition, laughter kinda kills any embarrassment or awkwardness, might as well make a joke of the situation, hence why I've never hid because of embarrassment. Ydg'n?

  charvisioku  |  22

83: Nah. Bodily functions are only 'embarrassing' because society (for some weird reason) thinks they should be. OP made it more embarrassing for herself by trying to be sneaky - that was bound to draw more attention than if she'd just pulled it out of her bag casually and asked to go to the toilet.

  Sputnikspak  |  13

I was always a walking panic attack about that in high school because I had EXTREMELY heavy periods (to the point where I could soak through the most absorbent tampon and an overnight pad within a 50-minute class block, ended up with an iron deficiency, and now know that I have endometriosis which I'm having a second surgery for on Monday - well over fifteen years since I started having a period). If I'd had to show the giant diaper-sized pad and jumbo tampon to a teacher (especially male), I would have been a bundle of nerves.

In my day though, kids didn't have cell phones at school. I think one girl had a pager. You'd be more likely to be accused of smoking if you wanted to leave class.

I had several cool teachers, including my English teacher who said: 'You can just go to the bathroom if you have to go, I don't get why some teachers lord over bodily functions. Just try not to do it in a middle of a lecture and be quiet. If you're going to puke? Just go'

I had a teacher in first grade who was absolutely crazy about not letting kids go to the bathroom. She's claim that because SHE had to wait for recess/lunch all the kids should be able to wait, too. First graders. She was a sadistic woman who I think got some kind of pleasure out of making kids wet their pants and be embarrassed. I know she got fired after she refused a kid, who then left the classroom to go anyway, and when he got back, the teacher screamed at him and sent him to the principal's office. Fucking deserved it. Psycho.

Either way, FYL, and shame on your teacher for not asking you DISCREETLY what you had in your sleeve.

By  Stardew  |  19

You didn't have to show the whole class, just flash it to your teacher and ask to go to the bathroom. I don't see the big deal, periods are just a part of life.

  sdh715  |  6

Not a big deal, but if she's like me, she likes keeping things like that discreet. I wouldn't want to announce to the class that I had my period.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

True. I was thinking that she could have just walked up to the teacher and asked her if she could talk to her for a minute, or just whisper it in the teachers ear. Problem solved.

By  BlowinChronic  |  18

That I extremely awkward but I can kind of see where the teacher is coming from, she just doesn't want anybody leaving just to go text or something like that. But FYL because you had to show the whole class that. Also like the name OP haha.

  cameron194  |  9

There's plenty of ways to txt while your in class.. Teachers need to worry about kids taking bathroom breaks to go have a smoke.. At least that's what my bathroom breaks were mostly used for lol