By Joe - 16/4/2009 16:21 - United States
Today, I was taking an exam and I knew I was unprepared, so I wrote some cheat notes on my ankle. As I cross my legs to look at my notes, I realize I wore tall boots to class. I can't even cheat properly. FML
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  apfunction  |  0

who gives a fuck about morals?
10 years in the future, I think she'd rather have a nice job with good pay, even if that means she cheated on a test.
but have fun living on the streets preaching about how much morals have done for you.

  Spongii101  |  12

But if you cheat, you might get the job but you won't have the knowledge to be good at the job, so you'll get fired. Hence the expression 'Cheats never prosper'.


I've not cheated on a test. It's called taking the time to learn and the fact that I tend to remember other things that help me arrive to the answer of a question via logical thought. Don't say I cheated, ho.

By  jdb2009  |  0

You ever notice that there are a lot of people who cheat on tests that consequently write FML's a little later on????

People, there's a pattern here and that patter is....ready??

You deserve that one.

By  ovaltine  |  0

meh. Be thankful you didn't get caught and get your test ripped up. Because from the sounds of it, you're
so un-smooth that you probably would have been caught if you had tried to cheat..