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Today, I was taking a really big test in a class that I was failing. It was worth at least 7 grades so I studied my butt off. During the test, a girl with huge breasts sat down next to me and I couldn't stop staring. My test got confiscated because they thought I was cheating. FML
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All that counts is that you tried your breast, I mean best.


marzipanimal 15

Haha. Were you hoping they would fall out onto your test?(;

Boobies make men happy. I am sure OP was not too thrilled about taking a test. The **** were a nice cheer up.

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You should have told your teacher that her boobs were staring at your test and you were telling them to stop looking at your answers.

MetalxSoldier 26

28 Nope, gaymen doesn't get happy about them

Op you should have explained to your teacher that you couldnt cheat cus her breasts were covering her test

174 - gay men love boobs... don't be stupid just because they like dick doesn't me they don't enjoy look at some boobs every once in a while

shoulda used them as a reward and motivation to make ya finish faster! so when you're done, stare away!

Why would single matter? I am not single and still look. Just because you are on a diet does not mean you can't look at the menu.

It's also more or less impossible to resist for most people, 33. I think it happens with almost every couple.

If you're going to expect that from your partner, I think those standards are unrealistic and you might want to prepare yourself for disappointment.

51, if you are going to start the whole "men do it but women don't" stereotypical bullshit please, spare the world a few seconds from your intolerable bullshit. Or if you don't understand, let me speak in the "primitive and pathetic language" spoken by "most" men. ****, or gtfo. Now go get back in the kitchen and make me a ******* sandwich.

Actually, my girlfriend does admire the bodies of other men...every time she watches one of those godawful "chick flicks". And I ain't even mad, bro.

Maybe the blatant attack on your boyfriend? Why the hell would you even put him in that situation by asking him that question? (because he sure as hell wouldn't just randomly say he doesn't look at girls). He tells the truth you get mad. He tells a lie and you catch him, you get mad. Now what I'm not pissed about is you saying that it's wrong to look, cuz I don't like my girlfriend looking at guys and she doesn't like me looking at girls, but what I am pissed about is saying you don't do it too.

MerrikBarbarian 9

38- you do realize humans are biologically programmed to look right? Humans are close to bonobos (aka the orgy chimps) in terms of a lot of our social structure as well as DNA... Humans are not naturally monogamous, so looking is the least of anyone's issues. I accept fully my partners will look- I will too. Hell I'm not even phased if they want to hook up with someone so long as its discussed and safe. Read Sex at Dawn... Tons of research showing why looking at others, cheating, etc is so rampant. Even "monogamous" animals like birds will chase others if subconscious brains say they are a better source of DNA then a partner.

So you are saying if you went to a chick flik and saw a man like.... Ryan gosling take off his shirt, you would gasp in disgust at all the ladies in the room "gawking" at his body?

Well, if it's right in front of her on the ******* screen it's not very "private" is it? She doesn't mind that I might watch the odd sexy-time movie on the internet. Who are you to decide what's right and what's wrong, 70?

O how very convenient that a womans breast can be counted as private but a mans abs arn't so you can stare away!

...So I'm guessing 97's boyfriend isn't allowed to watch ****? I pity the man.

I just find it funny woman take pictures of themselves in angles that flatter their chest, or wear tight/ provocative clothing and then get mad about people looking. And that you think that men can't look, but woman can look at practically all but the penis and get away with it. Funny how that works.

"What is used during sex"? So by that logic we should always cover the mouth up as well. And your opinion on "what should be covered up" is based on American society only, people in other cultures have very different views. People will stare at other people's bodies, and if you really can't handle that, you can borrow my aunt's old burqha.

Kehaulani - your entire argument is flawed from the start. It's all about security and trust - if you trust your partner, looking is completely and utterly harmless, and it isn't disrespectful in the least. My wife looks at other men (including their erogenous zone) and we both comment on women's boobs all the time. Why can we do this? Because we trust that the other isn't going to run over and mount this random stranger with the great cleavage. Your entire argument, from disrespect to "private area", is ridiculous. I understand it's your opinion, but that doesn't make it any less false.

******* hell, 106, every time you post you post like four comments in a row! It's a little annoying and makes the "debate" hard to follow.

You may not. You may, however, use my quotes.

K_kanaka 26

Hey kehaulani2012 I'm just wondering are you Hawaiian? I'm just curious cause of your profile name and I don't see much people that are Hawaiian on FML.

I don't see a problem with a guy looking at girls, even if he is in a relationship, a guy friend of mine said it like this, it's ok to look as long as you're going home with your gf/bf, as long as nothing else happens, I think it's fine

K_kanaka 26

My opinion is to just be aware of how your spouse feels about you checking out other people. I mean most people no matter how much self control they have will feel jealous or insecure about their spouse checking out other people. I'm not saying they should or shouldn't feel that way but unfortunately thats just how it is, so it's always good to be considerate of how they feel.

I'd like to point out I can see more of kehaulani's chest than her face. Mmm...

Oh my god people. This is FML not debate class. Voice your opinion and move on.

Well, you see, I'm more or less into photography, and the focus of that picture is your chest. I'm suggesting your subconscious doesn't agree with your conscious; you probably thought it was a "nice" photo when you used it, while the centering (bad thing to do in photos, by the by) of your chest in that photo makes it the focus of the photo. Or the orgy monkey inside me is talking. I'll let the masses decde.

K_kanaka 26

hahahahaha you talk like a Hawaiian girl. (sorry if I offend you it's just making me laugh)

Heh. Your photo change made me laugh a little. You're entitled to your opinions, and I respect you for defending them, but I can't help but wonder why... Never met a person before who vehemently challenges the national pastime of teenage boys.

Ehh. I've got a little brother and a little sister. Been coddled all their life. They're not going to go anywhere ifthey keep up the way they're going, just shutting down whenever they see something they don't like. That's nit how life works, and we need to have some sort of taste of reality as kids... Hell, I'm going to graduate in two years. And you know what? I'm going to be royally screwed. Never had a job, can play CoD better than I can manage finances... Bleh. Liberal parenting didn't work out for me.

Hey, you may not want them to do that but it's more or less wired into our brains and much more importantly their decision.

You aren't annoying, you're giving me something to do at 2 am. Haha.

Ehh. The thumbs down don't mean much. Just because you voice an unpopular opinion doesn't mean you're wrong.

Wandering eyes don't mean much. I've known guys who were dating solid 11s who would eye up 7s. Some people have more of a problem with it than others. Like me, hehe. It doesn't mean that they don't appreciate you, it just means that they're able to appreciate other girls as well.

Nothing wrong with not liking it. Your talking about your boyfriend just reminds me of how single I am... Bleh. I need to get a girlfriend sometime soon, and it won't be hard for me to do, I'm just too lazy to make the effort of actually asking her out... Haha. I'm too shy for my own good

I can't message, I'm on mobile. Oh well. Nice talking with ya. Unless there is some secret to messaging on mobile which I have yet to discover...

Will this ever end??? We get it. You are insecure and have multiple issues. 33 comments later?!? *smh*

Idonebeenhad 17

27, regular? You could be gay.

nublets 12

75 comments later and the thread poster has only 2 likes.. No love!

^ If you do write a paper or do further research here are a couple things that might also be good to consider. The difference between a glance and staring someone down like a half starved tiger. I generally don't mind if a man (or a woman) looks me over once, but out right staring (like op must have been doing) is rude and disrespectful. Also kinda pathetic just my opinion... /: About women putting themselves on display, sometimes there is nothing they can do about it. In my case anything short of a heavy winter coat and my figure is still easily distinguished, so when summer comes around there is really nothing I can do and sometimes I get harassed for it. Good luck with your research, gender studies are one of the most interesting aspects of sociology.

ColorfulSmiles 7

If you trust your boyfriend well enough, that shouldn't be an issue. Everyone is entitled to look. I remember watching a movie with my own boyfriend that showed a lot of nudity. After the second penis was shown, I turned away. Then, he just covered my eyes. But he didn't say anything to stop me from starring the first time. As the movie went on, breasts and nipples & vaginas were shown. Sure, I got jealous by the way he starred , but he stopped watching at his own will. As long you BOTH TRUST EACH OTHER, starring isn't bad. We all do stare, as humans WE DO. Your argument is invalid-I'm sorry. I understand where you are going,& that he shouldn't have been starring long enough to get in trouble, but he starred because he can. There's no law saying you can't.

#33 So now that you've expressed your opinion ten fold, here's mine. Your argument is ridiculous. Both women and men alike are going to check out other people whether they're single or not. I do it too even though I have a boyfriend, and I know for a fact that my boyfriend does it too. I don't have a problem with it because #1, it's not cheating #2 it's completely harmless #3 I know he would NEVER cross the line like that, and neither would I because we respect and love each other. So, it seems to me that your whole argument is based on your insecurities. You sound like a damn Puritan for crying out loud talking about how people should cover up. I would feel sorry for your boyfriend but you guys seem to be the perfect match; with him thinking he's going to hell for watching **** and being with someone like you because he CHOOSES too makes that disappear for me. Have a good life with your narrow minded insecurities.

Your boyfriend definitely looks. No matter what he says.

Okay 106 first your relationship must suck ass cause you obviously dont trust your bf to take looks. Second, the hell you mean "why is suicide looked down upon"? Ummm how can you even stick up for that. And third you must live one boring life cause strung up. You need to wind down and relax. Your gonna end up being one of those mothrs that nobody likes cause of the way you are. Just chill out dude.

Her argument is also getting a little too serious. In her profile she said she would like to think shes better than other human beings because of her pride. But then she realizes everyone goes through the same crap. Its silly that her pride is making it impossible for her to back down. No matter what the situation may be.

170- Believe it or not, most people in this world are not gay. Therefore, my use of the word "regular" is entirely justified. That's not a slur against gay people, just acknowledging that they're in the minority.

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Bro, boobs are boobs, who DOESN'T look at them every once in a while?

kaykay458 2

Heres the key to relationships. Look but don't touch.

andrewjt 3

Are you ******' crazy? You don't move away from ****.

Ya u just sit in that spot and failing the class and ******* up ur future. Seems like a great idea to me

I got 11 thumbs up, you got 1. **** win.

aruam365 24

Yeah! As a woman who has very large breasts, it's so gross that men will stare even when they're completely covered. I wish they'd keep their eyes to themselves!!

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There's a button for that...

Just should of shown the teachers or whoever your boner for proof that you weren't staring at the paper..

EvilCupcake8361 9

Build a little more self control buddy

All that counts is that you tried your breast, I mean best.

My coke literally bursted out of my nose when I read this. It still burns

Same thing happened to me, but it was root beer

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I'm sorry but what is that supposed to mean exactly?

Would have been a little better if you said that'll teats you.

Bob_Cat_fml 14

Wasn't it a pun between «That'll teach you» and **** ? Just saying, I don't know what s/he meant.

^ I'm glad you came, it's "he" by the way...

kandi_kid69 15

Was I the only one who laughed a bit from that?


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