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Today, my little sister decided it would be funny to bend my iPhone 6 like there's no tomorrow. FML
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Blame the media. She probably watched the bend test and wanted to do it herself.

Or a sign that Apple should start giving a shit about their customers.


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Or a sign that Apple should start giving a shit about their customers.

killerdana 19

That sucks that they're that easy to bend. I heard that they're bending from people carrying them around in the pockets of their skinny jeans

ColonelCusswords 24

an apple is a fruit. an android is a robot. the winner is clear

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Your argument is invalid.

iPhones shouldn't go in the pocket of my Apple Bottom Jeans? Hmmmm

switch to android... I have an HTC one s.. :P

#1 The last time God didn't approve of an apple, we were banished from Eden.

#43 clever; but it was never officially stated to be an apple

that sign is a smiley faced bent iPhone 6

He deserved it for getting an iphone 6

@42, Switching to Android for some isn't exactly that easy. Some people need things like iMessage to contact some people, and also like that their stuff syncs with other Apple devices. In other words, they are just heavily invested into the ecosystem. Often times, they enjoy it as well. Anyway, I listened to the people saying that Apple was horrible and all that, got an Android phone, and heavily, heavily, regretted it. I really am trying not to start a war lol but just trying to point out that "Just switch to android" is many times an invalid solution/argument.

70, That's because Apple has you hooked on their OS system like an addict, because Apple products are only compatible with Apple products, which is how they get away with charging you $700 for a cheap, crappy that bends in your pocket. I'm not technology enthusiast. I'm too cheap to shell out hundreds of dollars for the latest and greatest thing, no matter what company produces it, but I will say that I've had my cheap $100 kyocera for nearly a year and it's managed to retain it's original shape even after all the abuse I put it through, such is more than a lot of iPhone users can say for a phone that cost them seven times more.

amberv61 22

I'm seriously curious where people are getting these price facts. I got my iPhone 5 3 months after it came out for $100. Not quite sure why price would drop $600 or $300 in a matter of 3 months

74 they're talking without a contract retail price.

amberv61 22

Ah that makes sense. Thank you

74, Phones are more expensive if you get them without any discount that comes with a contract. You may have paid less because you were due for a renewal and your contract entitled you to a discount... or I could be wrong. I vaguely remember seeing a price somewhere online that was around $700. But even if the IPhone is only $300, that's still a lot of money for a phone that bends so easily. But I highly doubt $100 was the full price for a brand new top of the line phone only 3 months after its release.

@73, Those are actually good points, even from someone like me who likes and uses Apple products, we are hooked into Apples OS, and its services. For me though, I am hooked mostly because I just prefer iOS, even after using both iOS and Android for quite some time. The ecosystem is just more cohesive if you like to have multiple devices. Your phone calls ringing both your phone and your tablet, SMS going to both as well. App quality is also generally superior on iOS, even though Android allows you to do more. Also, the ease of use associated with iOS is a big one too. I would probably describe myself as a more advanced user than average, but not necessarily the most advanced. I just find most things much simpler to accomplish with iOS than Android, but that's just me. Might be because I'm used to it, or it may be something else, not really sure. Anyway, it is what it is.

I got an iPhone 5c for $30 in the first few weeks of release. Contracts make everything significantly cheaper

#92 That's just what THE MAN wants you to think!

Or everyone could jump back on the BlackBerry bandwagon. iHate iAnything, and can't stand typing on touch screens, even on Androids. Love my keypad!

iLike2Teabag 27

#105 I'm very unsurprised that you're Canadian :)

I prefer the streamlined OS of the iPhone, the tighter security of iOS, the user friendliness, and better music app, as well as Apple pay (it actually works very well). I will say that do to android being an open OS it allows you to get free apps, but you are much more likely to get a virus. Android also is technically better when it comes to hardware, although the iPhones software allows it to run just as fast and work just as well. And for developers and programmers android is much better. Really it's all about your personal preference, I've had both and I love iPhone. (As an IPhone lover I do have to say the iPhone 6 sold 14 million units on the 1st day, by comparison the galaxy s5 sold 10 million in the first 25 days ;P)

incoherentrmblr 21

My 3310 brick edition is all I need.. Happily I don't have to worry the device would bend in my pocket but I do have to check if I still have my pants though..

you know what? it's really cool to stick a smartphone up your ass

cryssycakesx3 22

why is 78 on apple's dick so hard?

Contracts make everything more expensive in the end. Paying 1200 for a 600 dollar phone is silly.

because you're not on his 137. NOW SHUT YOUR MOUTH OR PUT IT TO GOOD USE!!!!!

schhichick 14

No need to be rude! The comment section is here partially for people to voice their opinions and experiences that have to do with the topic at hand. You need to get over it! #137

the amaount of stuff iphones cannot do is ridiculous though. they are very ridgid and simple, which sime people like however I like having my facebook messanger there while im in the middle of a game, having my fml widget on my home screen all time, watching youtube while reading my emails and having a battery that I can change whenever the power gets low. these are simple things and I think apple are the biggest of dickheads for not supplying them to their customers, and their customers are fools for paying that much for a phone that does less in every way than my grandpas $50 android. and in australia, a new iphone costs $1000

Android phones have a back botton and a task manager to close out apps. I had an iphone for almost a year. I never figured out how to close apps without waiting for them to time out. All apps come out several weeks later as do the updates for them. Anytime the charger had issues I had to shell out more money to buy one from apple rather than a cheap one to finish out until my upgrade. The ios is much to rigid. Everything must be on the home screen instead of having an app menu. Very few setting changes I could make. Android may allow easier access for viruses, but atleast a new one doesn't cost as much as my car payment.

It's weird how people thumb down to facts :/

x_the_lancer_x I didnt know there was such thing as an advanced user when it came to apple... apple is like designer clothing, pretty and simply, and nicely made, yet not even worth 10% of it's retail value and you can find better clothes in a shop that sells for a fraction of the cost if you look past the bullshit the advertisers feed you. if you consider yourself an "advanced user" you should have no trouble setting up an android tablet and phone to do exactly what you described

IPhone= pros: easy ui, very secure, designer name, less likely to slow down noticeably, iTunes/appstore, much better software than android Cons: much more restricted of, hardware (in most cases) below equivalent android, expensive. Android= pros: unlocked os (can download apps from any source), normally has better hardware, more storage, cheaper, also great for developers. Cons: much less refined OS, harder to use, less "streamlined", very easy to get spyware or a virus if you don't know what you are doing, much much less secure Basically iPhone is more limited, but much faster and secure. And android is a open OS that allows you to do a lot, but at the cost of speed and security. It's really more of a personal preference, I have an iPhone because it's fast, more user friendly, and secure. I also have a galaxy tablet because it allows me to do a lot more. I hate android on my phone, but love it on my tablet. I like my phone simple and my tablet complex.

IllegalName 8

People sometimes try to be like avatar and control the four elements: fire bending, water bending, earth bending and air bending, but somehow people bought the iphone 6 so they can be phone benders

if your a sucurity guard for the samaung store , you're basically a guardian of the galaxy.

Blame the media. She probably watched the bend test and wanted to do it herself.

Or you blame his/her sister for bending it.

Did you bend your little sister like there's no tomorrow?

if his little sister was able to bend it, then its not worth buying... at all

Apple and their sheep. They could release an iTurd and people would still go running.

ColonelCusswords 24

now introducing the iturd! you wont believe this shit. weve reimagined the entire idea of excrement and created this life changing machine. the iturd is not only extremily energy efficient but has lightning fast wifi. get your own today for only 800 $ and join the apples shit filled future!

They already have invented the iTurd. The sixth generation of it just came out.

And I'm guessing you have the latest Samsung gaylaxy. Pot meet kettle

was that a pun on galaxy? cause it was bad

I don't know why people are liking 72. She assumed a pretty common saying was a bad pun. Since when is that applauded here?

Ignore me, I reread and realize I was wrong.

News flash Males of all ages lined up outside Apple stores looking forward to buying the iSuck. In other news, Apple ain't cutting it in the vacuum cleaner market.

So... Kinda like listening to the media and believing no new taxes if you make under 200k right?

Well, what generation of iDiot are we on now?

BlondeXOX 6

Android supporter right there ^

ShannonBitt 29

but she wouldn't want to bend her own

Bend her face. It sucks when siblings disregard the worth of your stuff.

I've always heard it as "bend her/his nose." But face sounds more painful.

The iphone is $200 for the actual phone and $300 for the name. I would rather pay $200 for a good android phone and use the $300 for something worth it.

amberv61 22

Paid $100 for an iPhone 5 not too long after they came out. Would have been $200 if I wanted 32gb. Not too sure where or when people were paying $500 for it, but I don't follow too closely when phones are released

gemstone586 12

I paid a buck for my droid. works better than any iphone. :)

71 is right. my sister got the galaxy s4 for a dollar. its a good durable phone. shes dropped it many tines and no cracks (on tile wood and concrete) it runs super fast. has alot of storage. and cost less then an iphone

26 - The phone itself was indeed $100. When you add in the costs for the plan, that's when you start adding on the hundreds.

willow196 9

She sounds like she was playing with it, if so try not to be too angry with her and, did you try turning it on and off? Anyways still, Sorry op!

ColonelCusswords 24 brother... ive found you

Try not to be too angry!? ****, she just bent a brand new phone! If she were my little sister, I'd rocket the little bitch to the top of the tree in my backyard!

#8 Are you stupid or something? Turning it off and on? She tried to BEND the damn thing.

ZombieGurl95 18

iPhones are shitty. Androids are better. The iPhones screen is so thin one drop its busted. Or in this case one bend and its busted. Androids don't Bend.

I actually think the iphone 5s is better than a lot of androids. I have my doubts about the iphone 6 tho. Oh and plus with androids your snapchats are really shitty... just a sidenote

amberv61 22

iPhones aren't that bad. Dropped mine so many times and it still has a perfect screen

Cut the shit. This is FML. Not youtube. Stop trying to start a damn Phone war.

ColonelCusswords 24

alright lady just take a chill pill and dont start a flame war. no one needs that

#10 Your argument is invalid. Anything can bend if enough force is used. I decided to go watch a bend test earlier today as I hadn't seen one before, the persons hands had gone white and purple from the amount of strength that they were using. I am sure if they did that to an android it would easily smash or bend as well. I've seen many people drop their iPhones and they haven't cracked, same goes for Samsung's and other smartphone brands. Apple isn't shit, nor is Samsung or any other brands. Every one has their own opinions so stop trying to rule the world. I know heaps of people hate on Apple because it's so popular and they think they're cool to dis is out, but seriously go get a life. It's only a phone!

I had an android. First time I dropped it after having it for over 2 years and the screen smashed. It ran like a slow PC and I didn't even download a bunch of apps. My iphone, dropped a bunch of times. Screen is fine. Runs fast and smoothly. This iphone android debate it stupid. When it comes down to it, they're both cellphones that do the same exact basic functions we all desire.

I've had my iPhone 4S for two and a half year already, and I accidentely dropped it a few times; it still isn't broken. Not even a single scratch. It even fell on its corner. I really don't understand how people's iPhones can be ruined in less than a week or something :/ imo, Android isn't "better", it just depends on how careful you are with your phone..

I've dropped my iPhone 5 several times, on concrete, with no case and still haven't cracked my screen. The back scratched easily, that's about it. I keep a dollar store cover on mine and that's all the protection it needs.

Why the negative votes? She is totally correct. The iPhone 6 can't do as much as an 2012 android.