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Today, my family and I are sitting in our house while Hurricane Sandy is going on. My grandma is freaking out because she believes it's our recently deceased dog Sandy getting revenge for putting her to sleep and getting a new dog. FML
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Sandy: The Revenge. It will be much better than the last few SAW movies.

It's a proven fact that every natural disaster is the reincarnated soul of an angry pet. I thought everyone knew that...


Sandy: The Revenge. It will be much better than the last few SAW movies.

- "hm.. I think I felt a breeze.." - "oh no! I knew this day would come! It is Sandy! Wagging it's tail from beyond!"

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I'm sorry but I love your anime picture, but I don't know who it is!

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Her picture is of Miku Hatsune, she's a Vocaloid :)

Where is pandalover69 at on this FML to tell you to STFU and get over it you'll be fine? SMH! Grannies are awesome by the way, praying for y'all up there!

Tell her to have some whiskey, makes you feel better!

I must have the weirdest sense of humor ever cuz I don't think this comment is funny at all...

I must have a weird sense of humor because I don't find this comment funny at all..??

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Also. My apologies for thread jacking, let the downs commence!

*swoosh, swish, or swash Take your pick.

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One more comrade fallen under the pressure of being the first commenter

grandmas, they say the darndest things...

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29, to be honest I thumbed you down because of your name without even read your comment.

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I didn't, but this is just too far. I could careless for the thumbs down, I officially give no **** :)

grandmas, they say the darndest things...

^^ thanks for the mental image, excuse me while I go throw up

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60 it's no fun if you to explain it

Gypsy Mints In Narnia Fibbing? Gaaaah! I give up!

Guys Masterbating Is Not Funny? Gnomes Managing In No Field? Gummy Mummy I Name Fred?

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No, I just think her grandma's Annie.

My grandma was talking about not wanting to go to a different floor in her building because of an earthquake in another part of the world.. Very interesting

94 - That's very interesting, I'll tell my grandchildren that.

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What do you think Sandy Cheek's science project she was working on in Bikini Bottom was?

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Why-y-y-y oh why Heheh Sandy makes me think of Grease

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same. look at me, I'm Sandra Dee, lousy with virginity..

..can't go to bed til I'm legally wed, I can't, I'm Sandra Dee..

Tell her to chill out and eat some prunes.

Only if you chill out and drink all your milk so you can grow big and strong and sit at the adult FML table at thanksgiving.

You may have forgotten. But the FML community havent forgotten about you!!

Good try, look at your comment, straight thumb downs! Oh yeah did I say good try?