By Lisa - Romania
Today, someone stole my fence and my bulldog got out. I had to go look for her yelling her name in the street. When I found her and brought her back home, she peed in the house as revenge for me not letting her play with the terrified old couple. FML
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While the rest of you are stuck on the fence, I'm dying to know what the hell is going on with the old couple. Did your dog scare them in the street or are they in your house? Are you sure it's even your house? They do look different without their fences, you know.

By  chantelle9294  |  19

Can we please get back to the part where someone stole your fence? I am glad your dog is home safe, but you really need to explain how someone manages to steal your whole fence.

By  Lisa  |  14

For those of you asking, my fence is a regular fence, but it's not nailed immovably to posts, it just stands there. I think it pisses my neighbours off that it's there, cause half of it keeps getting stolen. It has happened twice now.