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  KM96  |  24

Gosh! If not it would be the most horrible, disgusting thing to clean up!
It's horrible for anyone, especially in a new car!!
Sorry for you OP - I hope it doesn't smell for weeks!

  onlychildFTW  |  33

And this is why long car trips especially older or younger people should be in diapers. Just in case. I always wear one just in case as well plus then you don't have to worry about finishing a gas station or something every 2 hours.

I feel bad for OP if the seat got ruined! FYL OP.

  free2speak  |  14

#80, you're related to that crazzzzy lady who drove cross-country to see her ex-bf while wearing NASA diapers, aren't you? Don't even lie because the rest of us normal folks use a thing called "restroom" when we have to go pee. Even pulling on the side of the road to do your business is acceptable. what's not acceptable is a grown man/woman wearing diapers when they have a perfectly fit bladder.

  Kefka91  |  15

102 - stfu, it's not that uncommon/weird for perfectly healthy people to use diapers when going on long trips. Actually, it's a pretty common practice in Japan.

  zack11289  |  3

Not to be insensitive or anything, but if grandma were to kick the bucket, OP would still have a ride to work, the grocery store, etc. it would devastating though

  greenalleycat  |  4

^^ Yea but it's not like he's choosing between his grandma and his car is it? Instead he's pissed off because she basically spontaneously peed in his new car, which will be absolutely awful to try and get rid of...


You don't know how his grandma treats him. I would favor my car over my grandmother for the simple fact that she is a one-minded bitch who likes the dog shit building on the bottom of her shoe more than me. The only reason I would give her a ride would be because my mom makes me play nice.