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Today, my dad yelled at me for buying chunky peanut butter. He wanted smooth. Apparently he's "allergic to peanuts." I had to explain to him why his argument made no sense. FML
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Midrash 5

I am surprise a guy like that was able to get laid

RedPillSucks 31

I feel the same way about girl scout cookies.


You should buy smooth peanut butter and put peanuts in there just to see what happens

Hence why I said add them

Alan, I think she means she knows it doesn't contain full peanuts, not that it doesn't have peanuts in it

Midrash 5

15 - Wow. U just made me lose all hope for the human race.

I'll let you in on a little secret, not everything said on this site is serious.

13FTW 9

23, oohhhh bitch pleeaaasse. You did not just try to one up Alan did you? Just by attempting to argue with such a god of FML makes your argument invalid.

ikickgingers 15

All this sarcasm is turning me on.

Alan, why u no let me thumb up comments?

enonymous 8

Everytime I order a hot dog I'm disappointed there's no dog in it...

RedPillSucks 31

I feel the same way about girl scout cookies.

13FTW 9

Alan, drunk ain't enough, you need to be totally ******* wasted!

Got to love getting owned but the FML team :-p

txgirl2013 14

blondes are smarter than you right now

Jammy01jams 2

Oh my god. I simply cannot believe there is someone with this level of idiocy on this site. Please tell me you are joking Vsat... :(

Pitiful. Just pitiful.

Vsat, you are suffering from a disorder I call extreme stupidity, I should know I'm a doctor, and also there's no cure. Alan you are suffering from a disorder called extreme ******* ownage, like stupidity, it cannot be cured, your either born with it, or not.

he's allergic to peanuts so he doesn't want them in his peanut butter. How doesn't that make sense?

Your sarcasm won't work here mister

Victoire_W 0

Listen lemonass, peanut butter, smooth OR chunky, are both made of peanuts. Make sence?

melikeyturtles 3


gurly98 13

Dude u don't have to insult him

gurly98 13


HowAreYouToday 34

-.- this thread made me facepalm... So much

Ali_Br_fml 33

Or you can crush up the nuts in front of him, then say... "Smooth PEANUT butter coming up!" I mean c'mon, he could have just said he doesn't like his peanutbutter crunchy.

chunkolard 1

Ur ****** dumb, Vic.

panda_heroo 0

Are you an idiot?

Hey dummy, peanut better is made outta peanuts

Because it's ******* peanut butter

peanut butters made from peanuts idiot

Haha you said peanut better

It makes SENSE not SENCE.

doglover100 28

I can't believe someone asked that.

You guys. It was sarcasm! Really! It was dripping, people!

Midrash 5

I am surprise a guy like that was able to get laid

eharmonee 0

He might not have. She could have been adopted!(:

TorturedXeno 27

That's a question that OP will have to answer. Now the only question that remains is, who won the argument?

IKickPuppiesHard 16

No the real question is how does someone old enough to go buy peanut butter by themself not know their dad is allergic to peanuts?

You deserved it simply for buying chunky peanut butter you sick freak

You should be locked up in a mental institute for a Long time. Buying chunky peanut butter for someone with a peanut allergy is sick and psychotic!

68... try reading the original post before putting someone else down

That is so true. Chunky peanut butter should be outlawed. I am thoroughly disgusted. Smh.

Tell him he's allergic so he can't eat peanut butter, there for it doesn't matter what type of peanut butter you get. Your the only one eating it

linko_fml 0

Good one.

actually, I'm allergic to peanuts & for an odd reason chunky peanutbutter gives me an allergic reaction cause of the peanuts but smooth doesn't. so what he's saying actually makes sense.

Omg Alan wrote on my post eeeekkkkeeee I'm soooo excited :D

If only you used the right grammar I would have understood your point of view

I swear some of you are nucking futs.

CookieMonstr19 0

Heyyy ur on the FML!! ;p

CookieMonstr19 0

Cool Alan wrote on ur post....u lucky son of a bitch.

CookieMonstr19 0

Cool Alan Wrote On Ur Post...Lucky

It makes perfect sense!!!

doyouloveme6543 0

No it doesn't. Peanut butter is MADE of peanuts. Even the smooth kind which, btw, is nasty crap.

stevenJB 25

131)....your stupid. :P

linko_fml 0

The dog likes either kind ;)

mintcar 9


doogy15 11

Lol cleaver =D

65, you don't get it

But the dog prefers JIF over Skippy.

linko_fml 0

And shut up and make him a sandwich.

makes sense to me.. I'm allergic to bees and I wouldn't want bees in my peanut butter.

That made my day

In this case being adopted would seem better Then with a dad like this :p

silver848 6

Bone 17 ur an epic dumbassssssss.