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  justsayfuck  |  5

Is it me, or have you said that a few times already? Is it like your life motto or something?

Anyway OP, you might actually learn something from it :D Like, dragging someone with you the next time you're planning on driving your grandma around.

  Stupified  |  0

OP hire a hit man and you wont have to deal with her anymore. Or get over it, man up, and say "I don't wanna hear about your ancient pussy, Grandmama!", or somethin' a bit more respectful.

  Sportsfan86  |  3

You deserved it for putting up with it for 5 hours.
FYL for thinking it couldn't of been any worse.
FYL for not sleeping.
You deserved it for still listening through out 5 hours.
You deserved it for lieing. I highly doubt she went on for 5 hours.

  MarkSeattle  |  0

ydi for not being man enough to change the conversation. maybe if you were interesting or had something to say she wouldn't babble on about her bladder infections, lol.

  tweetbaby14  |  17

wow 48 I haven't heard any of those lame jokes for 10 years. way to go. and OP really if hearing about your grammas muffed up vag is the worst thing that happens to you today then please switch me lives.

  skroal  |  7

YDI for being alone in the car with your grandma for five hours while she told you all about the multiple bladder infections she's had in the past year.

By  Ju99ernaut94  |  0

hey if you wanted to silence her you shouldve said "ive had genital herpes for six months but you dont hear me complaining " the look on her face priceless lol