By John - 19/05/2011 04:27

Today, I offered to drive my girlfriend's grandpa to the doctor. I thus learned my girlfriend's grandfather has a colostomy bag when it burst all over the inside of my truck. FML
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MedChew 19

FHL more than FYL, for sure. Imagine how embarassed he would be

not only how can you be pissed at another persons FML and it "ruin your day" but how can you be pissed at a grandpa that can't control his bowels?! you must either be very immature or just a bitch.


how sad for the old guy :(

true, but poor OP!!! Now the car is soiled, and will stink

I feel sorry for both :(

imacreeper 3

how good is that car freshner of yours, OP?

PurpleRae420 0

That's really gross but not his fault! Why is it everytime we do something good for someone something bad always happens

That's just Nasty! Make your gf clean it.

it's usually karma saying that your doing it for the wrong reason

54, is that Runescape on the computer in your avatar? Nerdgasm...

MikeMiller 0

and his bra on the chair lol

I believe that falls under the catigory of "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"

Haha I couldn't tell, the fact that you could tell it's runescape and went through the effort of replying is the definition of nerdy haha

that's pretty shitty


LadyNutella11 0

pun recognized!

Frelling 0

Sounds like the OP was shit out of truck.

It's funny how so Many people get annoyed by this pun lol

notsocrazee 0

wonder what OP did to piss him off...

notsocrazee 0

sounds like OP pissed him off....

SteelCladAngel 0

colostomy bag is poop

MedChew 19

FHL more than FYL, for sure. Imagine how embarassed he would be

have you ever seen old people in locker rooms? frankly, they don't really give a shit when it comes to things younger people find embarrassing.

fthku 13

#9 that's hardly comparable. This isn't a "thing younger people find embaressing", he "shit" all over the man's car. Unless the grandpa really hates the boyfriend, he probably felt bad.

the guy got covered in faeces I think it's more FHisL XD

I don't know who to feel sorry for, imagine how embarrased the grandpa must have been!

ramboman19 8

is it in your raccoon wounds?

hahaha !

RayneStorm93 0

Family guy ftw:D

What you need is bleach, bleach is all you need.

EarAcheMyEYE10 2

Holy Crap!!! Next time don't forget to bring the Shit-Eating Maggots with you and good old Gramps!!!

That must have added some flavor to your otherwise dull afternoon.

nice **** if that's you

FYL and FHL . its really embarrassing , he must have felt so bad .

alaskanhybrid 5

Omg im so sorry to hear that. My paralyzed dad has to use one as well and when he has to fart or change the bag. It sucks for sure. They definitely smell worse than poop coming out the boohole.

killer6969 16

From the boohole?? That's a new one