By happymum - Netherlands
Today, my husband, who's a recovering alcoholic, and I are on holiday with our kids. He's decided he can have a few drinks because he deserves "a holiday too". He doesn't see why this should ruin ours. FML
happymum_fml tells us more :
He got my point in THE end. Took me a while though!
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  wmsdubstep  |  6

Why isn't it? Being drunk turns you aggressive towards your kids and family. You wouldn't want to be on holiday with a drunken father constantly abusing you, would you?

  Hunty1  |  14

My dad has been in the hospital once because of his drinking, and he was arrested once for hitting my mom while under the influence and that hasn't stopped him from drinking... If that won't stop him then I doubt talking to him will.

By  MissMae93  |  23

@amit93 - If you're going to bash someone's comment, you should probably use spellcheck next time. I believe it is you who is the SERIOUS fail.
@OP - Sit him down and carefully explain that even one drink can cause a relapse. If he begs to differ, you may need to take action and let him know if you notice his drinking habits coming back, rehab will be in his future.

  Pendragon525  |  0

If he's truly in recovery, he should know by now he can't have a "holiday" from his addiction & that there is no such thing as " just 1 drink." I don't think his "recovery" has been genuine.

By  laideehawk  |  6

It's obvious he cares more about himself than his family and what they'll go through if he starts drinking again. How on Earth can a "recovering" alcoholic justify drinking as a holiday? Once he starts again, he won't stop. Fyl, op.