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Today, while reading over my sent application email to a job I have been trying to get, I found out my brother had put "Heil Hitler!" as my signature. FML
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The awkward moment when OP actually does get hired.


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indielove 13

The awkward moment when OP actually does get hired.

Thats why you proofread BEFORE you send it out.

Ehm i think many don't understand it correctly here. The signature OP is talking of, can be set in the settings of programs like outlook, or on gmail hotmail etc, and it adds automatically the chosen signature at the end of every mail. So the brother just changed it in the settings without OP knowing. Once he clicked sens it added the signature.

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Well said man with the Bieber doo.

Maybe it was an application for an English teachers position... They might just think he's a Grammar Natzi...?

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You're such a jerk! I think you have the tiniest forehead to go with your tiny brain (if you actually have one)

The_Troller 14

Say that you recognize Hitler's leadership skills, and wish to advance through the ranks at your job until you eventually become a great leader like him. Just be sure to skip the part about total world domination and Aryan supremacy.

A) it's a joke, I see nothing wrong with his forehead. B) my degree in Nuclear Engineering says that I have a brain. C) if you had clicked on my picture you'd know that it was an old picture of me, from when I was in highschool.

131 - Way to be optimistic about the situation! I guess if a positive spin could be placed on this instance, that might be the avenue to head down. Let's just hope the OP wasn't trying to apply to the Abraham Fund or some other Jewish organization.

enonymous 8

My signature is heterophobic and gets me work. Thank you Enon It should have been Adam and Steve. Steve knew when to be quiet during the football game and wouldn't bother with a ******* apple

Wtf is wrong with my forehead? Omfg I was already complexed by my oversized penis.. Now cuz of you i'll be complexed by my oversized forehead to! Not cool bro!

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LMFAO hahahahaaha what a fail. u can cross that job off ur list

133 why don't you post a more recent pic then? ...Oh, too embarrassed?

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People tell me all the time I have a tiny forehead... Just look at my picture, I'm not sure where they are coming from though.

Stop showing off about your nuclear engineering degree.. Nobody wants to know that.

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He dosent which is weird coz he still manages to thi..... ------------ (flat line sound)

Hahaha! That's a really good prank... But shouldn't you have noticed?

Your brother has certainly one-upped you this time.

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Always read over your essays before sending them in.

How is that a good prank? It could get him not only blacklisted from multiple jobs, but it could get him in legal trouble.

Legal trouble? I think not. I'm no supporter of hitler or what he did, but it's not my responsibility to judge those who are. And the legal system would have no right to interfere with somebody's views, no matter how wrong, they would be directly violating the first amendment.

Well it's funny, and it would've been funnier if he had caught it in time. I always reread before I send stuff, just in case!

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Stfu. Heil Hitler. Nah just kidding. :P

One should judge others on their actions, NOT what they believe in. A Nazi, a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim, an atheist... All people can kill, all people can do wrong. By singling out one group for what they believe in, how are you better that Hitler himself? Sure, maybe I pass judgment on others at times, but I try to acknowledge that it is only the Lord's place to judge. Not yours, not mine.

Hold on... I don't care... It's FML, I'm here to not give a shit.

Signatures don't get added until AFTER you send them.

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lol what have we learned today?

154 this is not true. Signature is appended to an email or a reply at time of their creation, and you have a chance to view and modify the text.

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You should have read over it BEFORE you sent it.

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Maybe the company is full of Nazis, shave your head and you'll fit right in!

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4- usually the signature is added after the email is sent, so reading it over before sending wouldn't help anything.

53 that is incorrect. Every major email program and web based email service adds the signature in as soon as you begin composing the message.

I want to like this comment but '69' people liked so I won't ;)


Time to find a new place to apply to

What if the person who employs people is a hitler lover? I think OP has a small chance.

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I read that outline. Took me a second, lol.

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That's heil-larious! A lol-ocaust if you will.

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In my head it sounds like Arnold Schwarznegger is reading the sentence.

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These Holocaust jokes are getting annoying. Anne Frankly they need to stop.

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Good luck getting the job after that. You better hope the employer isn't Jewish or any other race that doesn't involve blonde hair with blue eyes. So yeah that narrows it down to 9865567655% that you won't be getting the job but hey there's always next time :) lol

Right. Like the races that does involve blonde hair with blue eyes would automatically like a 'heil Hitler' signature.

Doesn't anybody understand percentages anymore? A nice big "boo hiss" to your educator.

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I'm blonde and blue eyed...and if you said 'heil hitler' to me I'd kick your ass 0.0