By Emily / Monday 12 November 2012 18:12 / United States - Hayward
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  Krajjan  |  9

Anyone else find this ironic it happened in a major gun control state? Who gives their kid a gun-like object in a part of the country where the word "gun" puts people into a panic?

  Krajjan  |  9

102 - First of all, I somehow doubt it was a ridiculously premeditated use of a pump charged pellet rifle. You'd be far more efficient by using the receptionist's pen.

Secondly, there's a fundamental difference between the actual and perceived dangers of a spring/CO2 powered BB gun and an intentionally lethal weapon. It's a gun like a panda is a bear.

Though that gives me an idea for a badass comic book character. So skilled, he kills with a single pellet to the eye at long range.

  GUNN1313  |  3

# 52 Why would some one have a gun lots of great reasons like hunting, competitive shooting and my personal favorite the ability to defend the life of a loved one from an illegal assault. That is just a few of the reasons to own firearms. Now as far as the kids parents go they should be held for criminal negligence breaking several laws to even get to the point ware their kid could shoot the foot of the victim.

  MiGman  |  5

Ok 102 an air rifle can be a lethal weapon, it fires a lead pellet at a high velocity. As well if you shoot someone with one you can be charged as if it was an actual gunpowder weapon

  FMLJFL  |  5

Well, because we don't know for sure and most people usually use the two terms interchangeably I just assume people mean airsoft gun. However, if it was a real BB gun then OP really would have a hole in their foot and not just the feeling.

  Krajjan  |  9

CO2 and pump pellet weapons will put a hole in you and are pretty close to, if not exactly, rifle caliber. They're used primarily for small game hunting, so yeah, pretty powerful. However, I'm not sure i can see someone bringing a hunting rifle to a waiting room, so one would assume it was a pistol.

When I was shot with a spring-fired pistol, it stung like hell but didn't break the skin. The CO2 pistol, however, lodged it semi-firmly in my skin. So yeah, "practically" a hole.

Please note I did not willingly submit to being shot and tried to avoid it. I had very cruel and well-armed cousins growing up.

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