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Today, I was wanking and started thinking about why the Simpsons are yellow, and how that came to be. I haven't been laid in 4 years and my ADHD is so crippling that I can't jack off. FML
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perdix 29

I thought Marge's blue pubes would help you get to the finish line.


I think the creator just wanted the Simpons to be easily distinguishable. If they were skin colored, they wouldn't be as awesome!

its actually because the first time it was shown, the projector messed up the color and made them yellow.

ACTUALLY, it's because Matt Groening, the creator, thought it would be hilarious if people thought that something was wrong with the color on their TV and would start fiddling with the saturation, etc trying to get them back to a flesh color.

Yeah, except as I remember, everything else had a normal color tone, so I didn't even think the color was off.

Beatlesobsessed..your cute. Whats your email?

So the Simpsons' pink house looked completely normal upon first seeing it. Mmkay.

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Yellow, yellow, sounds like mellow! Mellow, mellow, when you're mellow you feel high, high! When you're high you do stupid things. Stupid, stupid like strip clubs! Stripper, strippers make me CUM! Problem solved curtesy of Nicolas Cage

RedMosquito 4

Cannot explain why Simpsons are yellow but I can explain why your balls are blue...

I have heard, from an interview, that they are yellow because the creators wanted the viewers to think their coulor settings were wrong. When simpsons first came out it was normal to have a tv like they, with a knob that changes the color filtering, and they wanted people to sit in front of the tv, screwing that knob to try and make the simpsons pink. The more you know!

It's because Matt Groening wanted them to stand out whilst people were channel hopping - to encourage people to stop on The Simpsons.

saIty 17

The real question here is... Why does Spongebob live in a pineapple under the sea?

eyeIoveyou 4

Or how Mr. Krab's daughter Pearl is a whale and he is a crab?

desireev 17

Mrs. Krab was obviously messing with the mailman..

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I just want to know how mermaid man lives down there when he's obviously not a mermaid.

Torva_fml 16

62- have you not seen the episode where they explain This?! Mermaid mans starfish on his nose allows him to breathe! Barnacle boy inhaled tons of barnacles that allow him to breathe..... Good job following the series... >.>

53- wouldn't that be the mailWHALE? *groan* even I know that was bad... feel free to thumbs down now. lol