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By Anonymous - 16/12/2021 19:59

Today, I realised I may have some kind of problem, given that I masturbate daily, and sex with my wife no longer interests me because it takes too long, involves her instead of me alone, is too much hard work, and generally annoys me. FML
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you should probably have sex with your wife more than you ********** before she finds someone else who wants to have sex with her.


you should probably have sex with your wife more than you ********** before she finds someone else who wants to have sex with her.

Some might call it a **** addiction, others might say you are a selfish jerk. It might even be that you are gay but deeply in denial. Your wife deserves better and if you don’t fix your problem she will eventually find someone less selfish. I think you need to consult a mental health professional to help you identify the nature of your problem and help you figure out what you’re going to need to do.

you don't have a problem. I prefer to take care of myself, rather than have sex with my boyfriend. you are not the only one who deals with something like this. HOWEVER, you need to talk to your wife about this before it becomes a problem. sex and sexuality are part of life, and you should figure what makes you happy and how you can still make your relationship work with what you want. if you'd like to talk also, I'm happy to lend an ear.

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Similar issue here. Sex can become *work* because it takes forever especially if you’re tired or exhausted from the day, and it can be so much faster and easier to rub one out real quick. Big step toward a solution is to stop masturbating. And do things to improve your energy levels. And have honest conversations with your partner so you both work on helping give each other you need and hopefully find some sort of middle ground. Good luck.

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Check out the website “Your brain on ****” might help !

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my ex did the same and he was the only person I ever enjoyed having sex with. get some help

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everyone downvoting is convinced **** addiction doesn't exist

sounds like possible depression, even if it isn't related to your relationship. it can make you lazy in aspects of your life, give a feeling most things just aren't worth the effort, and the desire to pretty much be left alone. could have nothing to do with your marriage, could be work related or pretty much anything including seasonal... talk to your wife and maybe a doctor.

**** addiction is hard to battle, but your love for your wife should be stronger. Stay true, king.