By drama king? - 10/04/2013 22:17 - United States - Bolivar

Today, I had a friend "dump" me over Facebook. She apparently thought we were dating. I'm a gay man who's lived with his partner for 5 years. She says I have commitment issues. FML
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SelenaMilkshake 17

Perfect opportunity to embarrass the hell out of her. Or you can just troll her and post a picture of you kissing your boyfriend with the caption "You turned me gay."


Huh, yeah I would guess. Or she might just be a little nutty.

This is why communication is key in any relationship.

Bloodjoker 11

Maybe he shouldn't have led her on. He's clearly not very open about his sexual preferences. Maybe she thought he was your "very friendly" roommate

SelenaMilkshake 17

That was implied. You do not add to the joke by stating the obviously implied meaning behind the joke.

ElementaryEdGuy 18
RAGE5119 9

Sounds like she wants attention!

Ssssshhhhh...... Don't say that out loud. She may dump you too, and then you will have to deal with the same screaming lady all over your facebook page. It may be best to just play dead for a while, and hope the "dump" is not literal.

Its a she.. don't worry.. you're probably ok.. :)

I think what 4 was getting at, is that OP is gay, and there is probably no worries to his relationship because it was a girl that "dumped" him. Hope that clears it up instead of confusing you guys even more

Hahah girls.... absolutely, positively crazy! (but im not gay) haha just pointing that out...

iLike2Teabag 27

What? And get your hand out of your pants...

9lashes 15

She has some delusional issues

And that's when said friend broke out in tears because they thought you telling them about that book was your way of dumping them.

crazy_bananas 31

What's the name of the book?

poodle_juice 17
TxCountryBeauty 10

And never return. -oh were we not quoting lion king?

Suaria 38

Haha omg I was thinking the same exact thing after reading that comment!

Bloodjoker 11

I'm sorry if I sound dumb but what is kcco?

There's this magical site called the chive. I suggest you look into it. Keep calm and chive on!

Well at least your "relationship" is over now...

She should have known after all of this time that you are strictly dickly. Hopefully she get things straight in her head.

I think the fact that things were "straight in her head" is what caused this problem in the first place.