By 409sPoisonGirl - 21/12/2011 05:12 - Australia

Today, my separation anxiety got so intense, I found myself smelling my boyfriend's pillow. FML
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Amazing what you find when you're reading the random FMLs... OP here. Let me explain - at the time this was posted, I was pregnant and suffering from terrible morning sickness. Believe it or not, that worked a treat! And helped me cheer up as well... To everyone who said their partner is/was in the service, I hope they come home safe and sound. I respect both you and your partners. God bless.

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Just don't start fucking it.

I don't think its that wierd...


Just don't start fucking it.

I bet she decided not to mention the pillow also has his face on it.

13 I don't.

sonrisapreciosa 6

Nothing like a good ol dry humping.

13- I highly doubt that..

That is so cute. Shows she truly loves her boyfriend(:

Kefka91 15

1- I fucked a pillow once. Then it went DOWN on me! :D Yeah that was kind of a lame joke, but whatever.

Reyo 2

Having an anxious attachment style when it comes to relationships is something that's determined in childhood, and very few people will actually notice that it's anything abnormal. Luckily, you did. Now fix it.

dornez 0

first ;(

I don't think its that wierd...

Remember the age old rule: 'i' before 'e' except after 'c'. And this is an exception to that rule.

I don't think it's weird at all, there's nothing wrong with missing someone that much, I'm the same sometimes

richiesgirl 0

nice name 18

3- I don't think it's weird either. Actually, I find it really cute! Hopefully he smells really good :)

KatherineAnne 7

My adorable bf let me have his jacket and he sprays it with his cologne for me!! xD I love when I'm at school and I can lean down n smell him :)

No just no -___-

69- do you making out with him in profile pictures too?

I always wear my dad's t-shirts as pajamas when he travels! There's absolutely nothing creepy about smelling your boyfriend's pillow!:)

nonelikeworms 0

I wouldn't tell him that.

OP listens to BFMV. I just know.

ramboman19 8

Yeah it's just better to come on here and tell us! Haha

If it helps, I sent him a text saying the same thing. He said it was cute. And yeah - BFMV & H.I.M combined.

You're like a drug that I can't stop taking. I want more & I can't stop craving. BFMV FTW !! Such a cool band.

I don't know why you think that... I love it when my girlfriend says that to me... Whenever we spend time apart, for business trips or whatever, we trade pillows so we both get to pretend the other is still there :-)

Nothing wrong with that...?

There's nothing wrong with the FML besides the words "separation anxiety". When I have one if my bf's shirts I wear it all the time just for the smell. But I don't have separation anxiety. That's way too intense. It makes OP sound needy and clingy.

ya, I would've done the same

As long as you're not smelling his underpants-with-shart-remains, I don't see a problem.

Your picture... wtf

Maybe you should try therapy?

I didn't mean it in a hurtful way... I meant that maybe she should get some help so it doesn't get worse :| sorry if it came off as rude.

perdix 29

I hope it's not the pillow he uses to ease the pain of his hemorrhoids. Yes, I know it may look like a donut, but it probably doesn't smell or taste like one.

Ozone1232 5

Okay. That made me laugh haha. Thanks for making my night!

A hemrrohoid is not a STD.... It's a vein structure in the anal canal that helps hold stool in, and becomes a concern when they become inflamed. Check yourself fool, awesome comment perdix

8- I wish I had such a quick wit like you, perdix! And to that fucking idiot that says a hemorrhoid is a STD, you need to I back to health class. Is a penis a STD?!?

119- sorry I'm a human and I make mistakes. Fucking idiot.

No check YOURSELF tiger! Perdix NEVER SAID that it WAS an STD! He just said something about the pillow cause people use round pillows when they have hemmeroids (sp?) so that they don't put pressure on the tender area when sitting down. So if she cried on that pillow she'd be getting quite literally a face full of ass! NOT STDs!

Nothing says "I miss you" like a nose-full of dandruff.

Ozone1232 5

At least you're not smelling anything else.