By Deadfish - United States
Today, I was walking to the pet store to buy a month's worth of fish food for my fish so I wouldn't have to come back for a while. For fish food it was expensive. It was also surprisingly heavy and I had to carry it back to my house. When I got home, I saw my fish floating at the top of its bowl. FML
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  CL41RE  |  0

I have to call fake. Sorry. A small container lasts several months for my -three- fish. And fish don't die randomly unless you were taking bad care of it... let's say, um, FEEDING IT SO MUCH TO MAKE IT NEED 50 LBS OF FOOD A MONTH.

  harmony88  |  0

I have two fish and the food I have for them is in a very small, lightweight container, and I anticipate that the food will go bad before it's all gone. Not to mention it will probably last for the duration of several fish.

  graha013  |  0

Seconded - fake or incredibly stupid YDI. One normal size container of flake food (or even pellet food) will last easily a month, if not more with SMART feeding.

  dustbunnies  |  0

Fake. One container of fish food will last longer than a month unless a) you have a pirhanna or a small shark or b) you overfeed your fish (this might explain the death) .

  CDS09  |  0

I could be wrong, but it sounds like a YDI/ exaggeration....

Fish food is cheap, except for bigger fish who eat things like goldfish....but who buys a month worth of gold fish and walks them home? (and if you do YDI)

It does not weigh much

If its un-opened and you have the receipt you can get a refund (even if you dont have the receipt....go right back, if they remember you they will give you a refund)

Also fish are usually cheap.....but a new one

If its some rare fish that cost a lot, that eats heavy food that also cost a lot then I am sorry, FYL, but it seems more just like a good story. In the end, it seems more like an F the fishes life to me.

  Arrowatch  |  0

I had to buy a rather large bag of food for my fish. A Pacu, about 14 inches long, and 9 inches tall. Koi eat quite a bit as well. Any one of a dozen varieties of fish.

Actually, my pacu died a little more then a month ago, I was quite devestated. Burial and cairn and everything.

  mjoep1996  |  4

this I a fake. if it was a Pirana or a shark, it would not be in a bowl. I have a fish and I feed it twice a day. I've had it for 3 months and I only used a quarter of my food. you are a douchbag.

  larrena2377  |  26

The fact OP stated the fish was in a bowl says a lot. Not only does it prove it wasn't a large fish BUT no fish should be kept in a bowl. you can't get proper filtration in a bowl and unless you stir the water to keep oxygen in it, and do routine water changes, the ammonium levels from fish waste and the left over food that the fish doesn't eat and settles on the bottom get so high that it can kill the fish. YDI for not having the proper knowledge on fish care