By Anonymous - France
Today, I went to a funeral for my coworker's father. While there, my dad's cell phone rang and he left to answer it. I turned to my brother and said, "I can't believe he brought his cell phone!" He whispered, "I can't believe he's got coverage. This is a dead zone!" I laughed loudly. At a funeral. FML
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  DizzyDemon0  |  9

#1,48 rages over the internet! RAWRzzz!


by the way..i'm shocked this site hasen't been hit by anything..more...anonymous yet... get the hint?? DID YA!?!

Also. you're brother sounds funny as hell haha.

  cxal_fml  |  0

There is always a lot of laughter at my families funerals - i was bit creeped out by it at first, but then the deceased would rather have us laughing and smiling then crying, and because of how large and spread out the family is, funerals are often the only time everyone can get together.

*My great grandfather encouraged laughter at his funeral by pre-planning to have the funeral director prop up a note in his coffin "Hiya folks, thanks for coming. I'd get off my feet and greet you but I'm indisposed at the moment..." and the entire letter went on like that

  snavula  |  0

That's like the greatest joke told at a funeral of all time, its neither FYL nor YDI, it woulda been FYL if you don't laugh at a joke like that, because then you would have problems.

  bpack  |  0

I agree with 93 op ur brother is freakin awesome just for thinking of that and btw u never said what happened after that. U probly just explained i after the funeral and everything was alright